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الفلم الهندى الرمانسى Ishq.1997 مترجم لـ امير خان واجاى ديفجان وجوهى شاولا وكاجول

الفلم الهندى الرمانسى Ishq.1997 مترجم لـ امير خان واجاى ديفجان وجوهى شاولا وكاجول

In order to prevent their children from marrying poor spouses, wealthy Ranjit Rai, and his close and equally wealthy friend, Harbanslal, deceive their children. They get them to sign a marriage certificate, which states that Ranjit’s son, Ajay, is married to Harbanslal’s daughter, Madhu. But both Ajay and Madhu fall in love with Kajal and Raja who are poor. Ranjit and Harbanslal concoct several schemes but are unable to separate the lovers, and then finally give in to their demands, and arrange their engagement. Things get complicated when intimate photographs of Kajal and Raja surface, and their authenticity is vouched for by none other than Kajal’s paternal uncle.

Aamir Khan … Raja
Ajay Devgan … Ajay Rai
Juhi Chawla … Madhu
Kajol … Kajal
Dalip Tahil … Harbans Lal
Johnny Lever … Ranjit’s brother-in-law (as Johny Lever)
Mohan Joshi … Kajol’s Uncle
Deven Verma … Behram
Tiku Talsania … Gaitonde
Deepak Shirke … Damliya
Shweta Menon … Dancer
Sadashiv Amrapurkar … Ranjit Rai
Sunil Dhawan
Kamaldeep … Doctor Sarjan (as Kamal Deep)
Anant Mahadevan … Brijesh


الفيلم الهندى النادر Love.Love.Love.1989 مترجم لـ امير خان وجوهى شاولا

الفيلم الهندى النادر Love.Love.Love.1989 مترجم لـ امير خان وجوهى شاولا للمشاهده اون لاين
الفيلم غير موجود اون لاين فى اى موقع عربى ومش موجود مترجم ترجمه عربيه مظبوطه
على اى موقع عربى او اجنبى غير هنا فقط من اجل مشاهدين ماى اون ثرى
والفيلم طلب خاص لـ وردة الحب وبشكرها على التوجد المستمر معنا هنا

Widowed businessman, Sudhirbhai lives a wealthy lifestyle with his son, Vikram, who is student at National College. He is very affectionate toward Vikram and will do anything for him. His business partner is Goswami, who is also widowed, and has two children, a son, Mahesh, a daughter, Reema, who are good friends of Vikram, and the two businessmen expect to cement their relationship by getting Reema married to Vikram. But when Reema meets and falls in love with Amit Verma, who lives with his taxi-driver dad, mom – Shanti, and sister – Munni, things change dramatically as Sudhirbhai uses his underworld contacts in order to pressurize Verma to get his son to forget Reema, and he does this by destroying his taxi by a bomb. Verma does manage to convince Amit to stay away from Reema, but both meet again and renew their love – prompting Sudhirbhai to threaten Reema that he will get Amit gravely injured.

Aamir Khan Aamir Khan …
Amit Verma
Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla …
Reema Goswami
Gulshan Grover Gulshan Grover …
Vikram ‘Vicky’
Dalip Tahil Dalip Tahil …
Mr. Verma
Om Shivpuri Om Shivpuri …
Mr. Goswami
Sarla Yeolekar Sarla Yeolekar …
Shanti Verma
Anand Balraj Anand Balraj …
Mahesh Goswami
Jaya Mathur Jaya Mathur …
Vicky’s friend
Chandrashekhar Chandrashekhar …
Harishchandra (as Chandershekhar)
Shashi Kiran Shashi Kiran …
Vicky’s friend
Akbar Akbar
Baby Guddu Baby Guddu …
Munni Verma
Raza Murad Raza Murad …
Dr. Ved Thappar Dr. Ved Thappar
Rajendra Rajendra

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى الرائع ghulam.1998 مترجم لـ امير خان ورانى موخرجى

الفيلم الهندى الرائع ghulam.1998 مترجم لـ امير خان ورانى موخرجى

Ghulam means a slave. Sidharth (Aamir Khan) is an amateur boxer who does not work, preferring to loaf about with friends. His older brother Jai (Rajit Kapoor) works with a gangster who rules the neighborhood, terrorizing merchants and demanding protection money. As a child Sidharth idolized his father, an ex-freedom fighter, whom he saw committing suicide in guilt after a visit from an old acquaintance. Sidharth meets a girl, Alisha (Rani Mukerji), who rides with a motorcycle gang, and Hari, a social worker. The film tells the story of Sidharth’s romance with Alisha and his reformation

Aamir Khan … Siddharth Marathe
Rani Mukherjee … Alisha
Rajit Kapoor … Jai, Siddhartha’s brother
Mita Vasisht … Siddharth’s lawyer (as Meeta Vashishta)

Deepak Tijori … Charlie
Akshay Anand … Jai Marathe
Bobby Sainy

Sharat Saxena … Ronak Singh (Ronnie)
Dalip Tahil … Mr. Marathe
Raju Kher
Madhu Malhotra
Ashwin Kaushal
Ashutosh Rana … Agrawal, Shyamsundar
Anil Rajput
Javed Rizvi Jarehavi (as Javed Rizvi)


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