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فيلم الكوميديه الهندى roop ki rani choron ka raja .1993 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين

فيلم الكوميديه الهندى roop ki rani choron ka raja .1993 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم roop ki rani choron ka raja .1993 مترجم لـ انيل كابور وسرديفى جاكى شروف
فيلم roop ki rani choron ka raja .1993
roop ki rani choron ka raja .1993

Jagmohan Jugral (Anupam Kher) kills his twin brother, Manmohan, in order to escape from Customs Officer Verma (Dalip Tahil). In the chase that follows, Jagmohan also kills Verma, and a doctor, Ashok Soni. With their deaths their children, Ramesh and Seema, are orphaned and end up at an orphanage. Both get separated when Seema is adopted by a respected couple. Ramesh runs away from the orphange and is adopted by Girdharilal (Paresh Rawal), a career thief. Ramesh learns all the skills of thievery from Girdharilal. Ramesh (Anil Kapoor) is now grown up a better career thief than Gidharilal, and Seema (Sridevi) too has grown up. Both are on the look-out for Jugral, who is now known as a very respectable citizen. The onus is now on Ramesh and Seema is convince a seemingly ignorant community about the wrong-doing of it’s very own respectable citizen.
min190 – Action | Drama | Musical | Romance

Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Ramesh Verma / Romeo
Sridevi Sridevi …
Seema Soni / Shanta
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher …
Jagmohan Lal Jugran / Manmohan Lal
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Jackie Shroff Jackie Shroff …
Ravi Verma
Bindu Bindu …
Yashudhara Devi
Deepak Qazir Deepak Qazir
Gopi Desai Gopi Desai …
Lady came forward to listen to Shanta’s story
Seema Deo Seema Deo …
Mrs. Verma
Ajit Vachani Ajit Vachani …
Inspector / SP Pathak (as Ajit Vachhani)
Dalip Tahil Dalip Tahil …
Mr. Verma (Customs Officer)
Johnny Lever Johnny Lever …
Sub Insp. Rang Birangi Lal Chauhan (as Johny Lever)
Akash Khurana Akash Khurana …
Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav …
Mr. Narang (as Anjan Srivastava)
Arun Bakshi Arun Bakshi …
Mr. Katik Lal

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الجزء الاول part .1
====افلام اون لاين ====
الجزء الثانى part.2
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فيلم الرمانسيه والكوميديه الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده

حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده اونلاين
الفيلم الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم لـ سيلمان خان وانيل كابور كاترينا كايف و ميثون تشاكرابورتي و زايد خان
فيلم الرمانسيه والكوميديه الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده
فيلم Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم
Yuvraaj 2008

Yogendra Yuvvraaj Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle along with 3 sons, Gyanesh – who is mentally unstable; Deven – a bully and slacker; and Danny – a Casanova. While he does tolerate Danny, he asks Deven to leave when the later assaults Gyanesh. Deven re-locates to Austria, meets with Anushka Banton, and both fall in love much to the chagrin of her dad, Dr. P.K. Banton, who wants her to wed, Daniel Mehta. When Yogendra suddenly passes away, Deven returns home to find that the household is run by his maternal uncle, Om Prakash, and his family. The family will soon find out through Advocate Sikander Mirza that the majority of the wealth and estate will be inherited by Gyanesh -leading to a conspiracy between both Deven and Danny – to try and befriend Gyanesh, and then compel him to share the estate equally between the three
Comedy | Drama | Romance

Salman Khan Salman Khan …
Deven Y. Yuvvraaj Singh
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Gyanesh Yuvvraaj
Zayed Khan Zayed Khan …
Danny Y. Yuvvraaj Singh
Mithun Chakraborty Mithun Chakraborty …
Advocate Sikandar Mirza
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif …
Anushka Banton
Boman Irani Boman Irani …
Dr. P K Banton
Bhupinder Singh Bhupinder Singh …
Daniel Mehta
Aushima Sawhney Aushima Sawhney …
Nandita (as Ausshima Saawhney)
Sulabha Arya Sulabha Arya …
Singh’s Maidservant
Aimee Maghera Aimee Maghera …
Sazia – Danny’s girlfriend
Jaqueline Garewal Jaqueline Garewal …
Music Teacher
Shyam Mashalkar Shyam Mashalkar
Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav …
Om Prakash ‘Mama ji’ (as Aanjjan Shrivastav)
Aparna Kumar Aparna Kumar …
S.J. Anand S.J. Anand

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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Karma (1986) مترجم لـ انيل كابور وجاكى شاروف

When Jailer Vishwanath Pratap Singh (Dilip Kumar) slaps arch-criminal Dr. Michael Deng (Anupam Kher), he does not realize he has re-shaped his own future, as soon after his two sons (Shashi Kiran, Satish Kaul), and daughter-in-law (Beena) are mercilessly gunned down by Deng’s men; his youngest son (Jugal Hansraj) is crippled; and his wife, Rukmani (Nutan) loses her vocal chords. Now calling himself Dada Thakur, Singh is determined to bring an end to Deng, and recruits three prisoners on death-row, namely Baiju Thakur (Jackie Shroff), Johny/Gyneshwar (Anil Kapoor), and a former terrorist Khairuddin Kisti (Naseeruddin Shah) to assist him in his private war against Deng. Dada Thakur does not realize that his army of three have only agreed to join him so that they could enjoy freedom, away from the prison, and from certain death awaiting them.

Dilip Kumar … Vishwa Pratap Singh aka Rana

Nutan Behl … Mrs. Vishwa Pratap Singh
Naseeruddin Shah … Khairuddin Kisti

Jackie Shroff … Baiju Thakur

Anil Kapoor … Johnny / Gyaneshwar
Anupam Kher … Dr. Michael Dang
Sridevi … Radha
Poonam Dhillon … Tulsi
Satyanarayana Kaikala

لطلب فيلم مجانا
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فيلم الكوميديه الهندى laadla .1994 مترجم لـ انيل كابور وسرديفى للمشاهده مجانا

الفيم الهندى الرائع laadla .1994 مترجم لـ انيل كابور وسرديفى للمشاهده مجانا
فيلم laadla .1994 مترجم للمشاهده لـ انيل كابور وسرديفى

Laadla (The Beloved Son) is the story of Raju (Anil Kapoor) who lives with his disabled mom (Farida Jalal). One day Raju on his way to a job interview saves the life of a rich textile mill owner (Anupam Kher) who offers him a job in his factory which is run by his ambitious daughter Sheetal (SriDevi). Sheetal’s competitive attitude and open insults result in her making several enemies in her industry. Raju works as a mechanic in the mill and confronts Sheetal several times to get the workers proper treatment. Raju’s fairness for workers result in him being elected as the union leader. Raju meets Kajol (Raveena Tandon), who also works in the textile mill, and they fall in love. Raju saves Sheetal’s life during an attempt by a competing textile mill owner (Prem Chopra) to eliminate her. Sheetal wants to win over Raju and makes an offer to marry him. When Raju turns her down she forces his mom to agree to the marriage..
min169 – Drama | Family

Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Raj Verma (Raju)
Sridevi Sridevi …
Sheetal Jetley
Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon …
Farida Jalal Farida Jalal …
Gayetri Verma
Aruna Irani Aruna Irani …
Bannobi (Sheetal’s nanny)
Prem Chopra Prem Chopra …
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Suryadev’s brother
Mohnish Bahl Mohnish Bahl …
Suryadev’s son (as Mohnish Behl)
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher …
Laxminarain Jetley
Shakti Kapoor Shakti Kapoor …
Tilak Bhandari
Alok Nath Alok Nath …
Kaajal’s dad
Kalpana Iyer Kalpana Iyer …
Vaishnavi Vaishnavi
Vikram Gokhale Vikram Gokhale …
Ravi Baswani Ravi Baswani
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الجزء الاول part .1
====افلام اون لاين ====
الجزء الثانى part.2
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فيلم الاكشن والاثاره الهندى Tashan 2008 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وكارينا كابور وسيف على خان

فيلم الاكشن والاثاره الهندى Tashan 2008 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وكارينا كابور وسيف على خان
وانيل كابور

Jeetendra Kumar Makwana is employed full-time at a Call Center and works part-time teaching English. He is recruited by an attractive young woman, Pooja, to teach her Hinglish-speaking boss, Bhaiyaji, English. Jeetendra agrees to do so, falls in love with Pooja, and joins forces with her to steal a bag containing 25 Crore Rupees in cash. He will soon find out that Bhaiyaji is a hoodlum and extortionist known to the Police as Lakhan Singh

Akshay Kumar … Bachchan Pandey (as The Akshay Kumar)
Saif Ali Khan … Jeetendra ‘Jimmy Cliff’ Kumar Makwana (as The Saif Ali Khan)

Kareena Kapoor … Pooja ‘Guddiya’ Singh (as The Kareena Kapoor)

Anil Kapoor … Lakhan ‘Bhaiyaji’ Singh (as The Anil Kapoor)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ibrahim Ali Khan … Young Bachchan Pandey
Sanjay Mishra … Misir
Manoj Pahwa … Pinto
Yashpal Sharma … ACP Kuldeep Singh Hooda


الفيلم الهندى الرائع (1997) Judaai مترجم لـ انيل كابور و سرديفي

When Kajal (Sridevi) marries Raaj (Anil Kapoor), an Engineer by profession, she and her dad (Kader Khan), automatically assume that he is rich, wealthy, and corrupt. But that is not the case. Raaj does not have an air-conditioner, a car, nor even a refrigerator. This infuriates Kajal, and in her mind she creates a separate world, where she is rich, wealthy, has several cars, and lives lavishly in a big bungalow. Even with birth of two children, and several years of marriage, does not change Kajal. When Jahnvi (Urmilla Matondkar) Raaj’s boss’s (Saeed Jaffrey) daughter comes from overseas into their lives, she falls for the honest Raaj. After meeting the greedy Kajal, Jahnvi offers a large sum of money in exchange of Raaj. And Kajal, seeing this as her opportunity to wealth and a easy life, accepts, not knowing that this decision will change her life forever._____________

Anil Kapoor … Raj Verma
Sridevi … Kaajal Verma (as Sreedevi)
Urmila Matondkar … Jhanhvi Sahni
Paresh Rawal … Hasmukhlal

Saeed Jaffrey … Mr. Sahni
Farida Jalal … Kaajal’s Mother
Johnny Lever … Hiralal (Hari) (as Johny Lever)
Upasna Singh … Hasmukhlal’s Daughter / Wife (as Upasana Singh)
Mehmood Jr. … Hiralal’s Friend (as Jr. Mehmood)
Master Omkar Kapoor
Baby Alisha … Preeti Verma (as Baby Alisha Baig)
Shezaad (as Shahzaad)
Dharmesh Tiwari
Dinesh Hingoo … The man asked for direction.
Anil Saxena



تم طلب الفيلم فى 13/5/2010
من الزائر /غير معروف
تم التنفيذ الطلب فى /20/5/2010

لطلب فيلم مجانا
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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Rajkumar 1996 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Rajkumar 1996 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
الفيلم بطولة : انيل كابور ونصر الدين شاه

Rani Maa’s(Reena Roy) husband is killed by the neighboring kingdom’s evil Prime Minister Man Singh (Naseeruddin Shah). The Prime Minister absolves himself from this killing and blames it on the king, the father of Rajkumari Vishaka (Madhuri Dixit). Rani Maa swears to avenge the death against the Rajkumari. Man Singh also has a twin brother, Surjan Singh (also Naseeruddin Shah) who is not evil at all albeit a little naive. Rani Maa is shocked and aghast when she finds out that her only son, Rajkumar (Anil Kapoor) is in love with Rajkumari. She sets out to oppose this marriage, while Rajkumar will leave no stone unturned to marry Rajkumari. The stage is set for mother and son to decide whether it is in their best interest to include someone in the family, who has killed a husband and a father respectively.

Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah …
Durjan Singh / Surjan Singh
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit …
Rajkumari Vishaka
Danny Denzongpa Danny Denzongpa …
Reena Roy Reena Roy …
Rani Maa
Farida Jalal Farida Jalal …
Panna (Dai maa)
Aruna Irani Aruna Irani …
The Witch
Vijayendra Ghatge Vijayendra Ghatge
Girja Shankar Girja Shankar
Pradeep Singh Rawat Pradeep Singh Rawat
Asha Sharma Asha Sharma …
Mother of small child
Tripti Joshi Tripti Joshi
Harish Patel Harish Patel
Arun Bali Arun Bali
R.S. Malik R.S. Malik


الفلم الهندى الرائع .Welcome.2007. مترجم للمشاهده

الفلم الهندى الرائع Welcome.2007
الفلم من اجمل افلام الكوميدية
التى تتم مشاهدتها اكثرمن مرة
ومع ذلك تستمتع بة
اتمنى لكم مشاهدة ممتعة

ابطال الفلم
Akshay Kumar, Firoz Khan, Paresh Rawal, Supriya
Karnik, Adi Irani, Snehal Dabhi, Shereveer

الفيلم بطوله اكشاى كومار وانيل كابور
After the passing away of his dark-skinned wife, from who they sired Uday, Dubai-based criminal don, Shankar Shetty re-married a fair-skinned woman, who gave birth to fair-skinned Sanjana. After the couple’s passing, Uday takes over in his dad’s footsteps, and takes it upon himself to try and get Sanjana married – in vain, as no one wants to be associated with a crime family. Then Uday’s associate, Sagar Pandey, aspiring live-action painter, who had loved Iravati, got beat-up by her brothers, and was re-named Majnu, assists in finding a young man, Rajiv, who lives with his maternal uncle, Dr. Ghunghroo and aunt, and through extortion compels Ghunghroo to accept this alliance. But Ghunghroo, at the very first opportunity, gets Rajiv to fall in love with another young woman in Sun City, South Africa. When the time comes to get Rajiv formally engaged to this woman, he finds out that Sanjana and she are the very same woman
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Rajiv Saini
Nana Patekar Nana Patekar …
Uday Shankar Shetty
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Sagar ‘Majnu’ Pandey
Mallika Sherawat Mallika Sherawat …
Ishika / Isha
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif …
Sanjana S. Shetty
Feroz Khan Feroz Khan …
Ranvir ‘RDX’ Dhanraj Xaja
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Dr. Ghunghroo
Malaika Arora Malaika Arora …
Dancer / Singer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Asrani Asrani …
Bollywood Producer
Snehal Dabi Snehal Dabi …
Sagar’s goon
Adi Irani Adi Irani …
Uday’s lawyer
Supriya Karnik Supriya Karnik …
Mrs. Ghungroo
Mushtaq Khan Mushtaq Khan …
Mishra Mahesh Mishra Mahesh …
Om Puri Om Puri …

الفيلم 2 سى دى


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