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فيلم الاكشن والاثاره الهندى jaani dushman 2002 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وسونيل شيتى وسونى ديول

فيلم الاكشن والرومانسيه الهندى الرهيب jaani dushman 2002 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم الاكشن والاثاره الهندى jaani dushman 2002 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وسونيل شيتى وسونى ديول
فيلم الاكشن الهندى الرائع jaani dushman 2002 مترجم
فيلم jaani dushman 2002 مترجم
jaani dushman 2002


Diyva and Karan Saxena are in love and plan to marry. Karan has a younger step-brother, Vivek Saxena who he looks after him as though he were his own brother. Divya and Vivek hang out with quite a few young people of their own age, Atul, Vijay, Prem, Ashok, Nita, Rashmi, Niki, and Priti, just to name a few. Two male members try to sexually molest Divya, and get a sound thrashing from Karan. After apologizing, these two members decide to avenge their beating and humiliation. After entrapping Divya, they sexually molest her to such an extent that Divya attempts to kill herself. Unknown to Divya, she was the lover of Kapil a snake with magical powers, in a previous life. Their love life was shattered by an angry sage who cursed them with separation until the 21st century. Divya, who was called Vasundhara in her previous life, dies after this curse, and is reborn as Divya. Now seeing Divya dying.
Atul Agnihotri Atul Agnihotri …
Man driving a red car
Raj Babbar Raj Babbar …
Principal Joseph (priest)
Rajat Bedi Rajat Bedi …
Jaspal Bhatti Jaspal Bhatti
Sunny Deol Sunny Deol …
Karan Saxena
Dinesh Hingoo Dinesh Hingoo …
Man in a car with his family
Sharad S. Kapoor Sharad S. Kapoor …
Ali Khan Ali Khan
Shahbaaz Khan Shahbaaz Khan …
Arman Kohli Arman Kohli …
Manisha Koirala Manisha Koirala …
Vasundhara / Divya
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar …
Police Inspector
Johnny Lever Johnny Lever …
Raju Mavani Raju Mavani

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حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Mohra .1994 لـ اكشاى كومار ونصر الدين شاه وسونيل شيتى مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين

حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Mohra .1994 لـ اكشاى كومار ونصر الدين شاه وسونيل شيتى مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Mohra .1994 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Mohra .1994 مترجم
Mohra .1994


Journalist Roma Singh is the daughter of a jailer. While taking a tour of the jail,
she is molested by some of the inmates, and an inmate, Vishal Agnihotri comes to her
assistance. She finds out that Vishal is in for four homicides, and decides to inves
tigate further. She finds out, with the help of the owner of her publications, Jindal
that Vishal was compelled to take the law in his own hands when the courts failed to
] punish the assailants of his sister and sweetheart. Soon, Vishal is released from
prison, and begins to work for Jindal. It is then that he realizes that he has just
walked from a walled prison, to an open prison, as the truth behind his
release slowly but surely starts to dawn on him. Written by rAjOo
Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah …
Mr. Jindal
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Amar Saxena
Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Vishal Agnihotri
Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon …
Roma Singh
Poonam Jhawer Poonam Jhawer …
Priya Agnihotri
Raza Murad Raza Murad …
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Kashinath Sahu
Gulshan Grover Gulshan Grover …
Sadashiv Amrapurkar Sadashiv Amrapurkar …
Kamdev Kulkarni
Sonali Singh Sonali Singh
Kulbhushan Kharbanda Kulbhushan Kharbanda …
Jailer (Roma’s dad)
Avtar Gill Avtar Gill …
Karan Saxena
Priya Tendulkar Priya Tendulkar …
Pooja (special appearance)
Kunika Kunika …
Tej Sapru Tej Sapru …

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الفيلم الكوميدى الرائع No Problem.2010 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين

حصريا فيلم الكوميديه الرائع No Problem.2010 مترجم لـ انيل كابور وسنجاى دوت ولكشاى خانا وسونيل شيتى للمشاهده اون لاين
الفيلم الكوميدى الرائع No Problem.2010 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
الفيلم الهندى مفيش مشكله No Problem.2010 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين مجانا
فيلم No Problem.2010 مترجم
No Problem.2010
الفيلم كوميديه رائع

Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Sanjay Dutt …
Yash Ambani
Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen …
Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut …
Akshaye Khanna Akshaye Khanna …
Raj Ambani
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Neetu Chandra Neetu Chandra …
Shakti Kapoor Shakti Kapoor …
Comissioner of Police
Mukesh Tiwari Mukesh Tiwari
Vijay Raaz Vijay Raaz
Suzanne Bernert Suzanne Bernert
Ranjeet Ranjeet
Suresh Menon Suresh Menon

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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Dhadkhan.2000 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين بطوله اكشاى كومار وشونيل شيتى

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Dhadkhan.2000 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين بطوله اكشاى كومار وشونيل شيتى
فيلم Dhadkhan.2000 مترجم اون لاين


Wealthy Anjali falls in love with poor Dev, both want to get married, but Anjali’s family objects and instead get her married to equally wealthy Ram, who lives with his uncaring step-mother and siblings. Anjali finds out that Ram is not respected, but does not care as she does not love him. Ram continues to be affectionate toward her and his family, but Anjali cannot get Dev out of her mind. Then things change, when Ram decides to assert himself and asks his family to leave him and his wife alone. Anjali starts warming up to Ram, when Dev shows up – this Dev is not the poor Dev that Anjali once knew, this Dev is a multi-millionaire, scheming, and devious, and a Dev who will try to win Anjali over by hook or by crook
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Shilpa Shetty Shilpa Shetty …
Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Mahima Chaudhry Mahima Chaudhry …
Sheetal Varma (as Mahima Choudhary)
Sharmila Tagore Sharmila Tagore …
Dev’s mother (Special Appearance)
Sushma Seth Sushma Seth …
Ram’s stepmother
Parmeet Sethi Parmeet Sethi …
Manjeet Kullar Manjeet Kullar
Neeraj Vora Neeraj Vora …
Babban Miyan
Nilofar Nilofar
Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar …
Anjali’s father
Naseem Mukri Naseem Mukri
Anjana Mumtaz Anjana Mumtaz …
Anjali’s mother
Kader Khan Kader Khan …
Singer (Special Appearance)
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher …
Sheetal’s father (Special Appearence)

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فيلم الكوميديه والرومانسيه الهندى Deewane Huye Paagal.2005 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وشاهيد كابور وسونيل شيتى

فيلم الكوميديه والرومانسيه الهندى Deewane Huye Paagal.2005 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وشاهيد كابور وسونيل شيتى
الفيلم الهندى Deewane Huye Paagal.2005 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Deewane Huye Paagal.2005 مترجم
Deewane Huye Paagal.2005


This is the story of Karan and Tanya. Karan is in love with Tanya but is too shy to tell her. One day Tanya witnesses the murder of a scientist by his evil twin brother, the underworld don Mehboob, and needs to flee the country. When Karan’s friend coaxes him to track Tanya after she migrates to Dubai, he enlists the aid of a deceptive investigator, Rocky to track her down. Rocky ends up falling in love with her at first sight and tries to stop Karan from wooing her. Meanwhile, Tanya’s physically disabled friend, Sanju also has a soft spot for her and tries thwarting Rocky’s attempts at getting close to Tanya. The plot thickens when Don Mehboob and his gang track Tanya down in Dubai.
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Rocky Hiranandani
Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Sanju Malwani
Shahid Kapur Shahid Kapur …
Rimi Sen Rimi Sen …
Tanya / Natasha Mulchandani
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Om Puri Om Puri …
Mehboob / Scientist Khurana
Johnny Lever Johnny Lever …
Vijay Raaz Vijay Raaz …
Suresh Menon Suresh Menon …
Veerappan ‘Sunny’ Khurana
Asrani Asrani …
Blind man
Rakesh Bedi Rakesh Bedi …
Gullu Mulchandani
Supriya Pilgaonkar Supriya Pilgaonkar …
Sweety aunty
Baljeet Singh Baljeet Singh …
Baljeet Khurana
Vivek Oberoi Vivek Oberoi …
Narrator (Sutradhar) (as Viveik Annand Oberoi)
Aftab Shivdasani Aftab Shivdasani …
Raj Sinha

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فيلم الاكشن الهندى AAGHAAZ.2000 مترجم لـ سونيل شيتى للمشاهده اون لاين

فيلم الاكشن الهندى AAGHAAZ.2000 مترجم لـ سونيل شيتى للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم AAGHAAZ.2000 مترجم


Honest, upright, young and handsome Govind Narang falls in love with a young woman named Sudha. But due to circumstances in the occurrence of an unknown pregnancy by a police man, Govind is forced to marry Pushpa, Masterji’s daughter, since the police man refuse to marry her. All is well for Govind after the marriage but not with Pushpa and her hot-headed brother Laxman as they learn about Govind’s old relationship with Sudha, they trys to throw her out of the village but to no avil as she is now a police officer. When Laxman finds out about Pushpa’s infidelity, he poisons her, and she soon passed away. Seeing his wife dead and to wash away his past Govind and his sister, Rattna now relocates to Bombay in an area called Azad Nagar. He soon reaches up with super-star Gitika, and both fell in love. Azad Nagar residents has always been fared by Johnny and his brother Danny Handsome. One day Govind attempts to defend the right of a young woman and he seriously beats up Danny…
Akshay Anand Akshay Anand …
Harish Patel
Asrani Asrani …
Gullu (Gay)
Rakesh Bedi Rakesh Bedi …
Dilip Roy
Sudhir Dalvi Sudhir Dalvi …
Pushpa’s Father
Gulshan Grover Gulshan Grover …
Sadanand Kutty
Padmini Kapila Padmini Kapila …
Mrs. Balraj Nanda
Sharad S. Kapoor Sharad S. Kapoor …
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher …
Balraj Nanda
Viju Khote Viju Khote …
Johnny Lever Johnny Lever …
Rajni Deva
Govind Namdeo Govind Namdeo …
Karim Khan Toofani
Alok Nath Alok Nath …
Ram Charan Shukla
Shradha Nigam Shradha Nigam …
Yunus Parvez Yunus Parvez …
Achyut Potdar Achyut Potdar …
The Judge

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فيلم Rakht.2004 لـ سنجاى دوت سوونيل شيتى

فيلم الرعب الهندى Rakht.2004 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Rakht.2004 لـ سنجاى دوت سوونيل شيتى

A young widow named Drishti lives in a small remote village. She has the gift of reading tarot cards and seeing into the future and so she decides to run a small business telling fortunes. People who come for her help include Riya, who is abused by her husband, Sunny. But when Drishti advises Riya to leave him, Sunny begins to threaten her. Then there is Natasha. She is engaged to Rahul, who happens to be the headmaster of the school that Drishti’s eight year old son attends. But one day, a shocked Drishti catches Natasha with another man during a party. A few days later, Natasha goes missing. The police are unable to find her. So Rahul turns to Drishti for help. Drishti, however, has a vision of her dead body, and a lake. She is scoffed upon by the local Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ranbir Singh, nevertheless the police do drag the lake at Natasha’s dad insistence and recover Natasha’s dead body
Horror | Thriller

Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt …
Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Mohit (as Suniel Shetty)
Bipasha Basu Bipasha Basu …
Dino Morea Dino Morea …
Sunil Trehan ‘Sunny’
Himanshu Malik Himanshu Malik …
Abhigyan Gupta
Amrita Arora Amrita Arora …
Natasha Singh
Neha Dhupia Neha Dhupia …
Mrs. Rhea Trehan
Rajat Bedi Rajat Bedi …
ACP Ranbir Singh
Payal Rohatgi Payal Rohatgi …
Sharat Saxena Sharat Saxena …
Mayor Raja Bahadur
Sachin Khedekar Sachin Khedekar …
Defending Lawyer
Shivaji Satham Shivaji Satham …
Dhristi’s Father (as Shivaji Satam)
Yana Gupta Yana Gupta …
Dancer (song “Oh! What a Babe!”)
Atul Kale Atul Kale
Shashikala Shashikala …
Dhristi’s Grandmother (as Shasikala)

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فيلم الاكشن والرومانسيه الهندى Bhai 1997 مترجم

فيلم الاكشن والرومانسيه الهندى Bhai 1997 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
شاهد الفيلم الرائع Bhai 1997 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين لسونيل شيتى
فيلم Bhai 1997 مترجم ل سونيل شيتى
Bhai 1997

Kundan is a naive and simple-minded young man who comes to Bombay City from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, along with his younger brother, Krishna. Upon arrival in Bombay, he is assisted by a young lady named Pooja, who also helps Krishna to read and write. The community where they live is being terrorized by a gangster named David. When Pooja’s lawyer father, Satyaprakash, attempts to take this matter to court, he is killed. Kundan avenges his death by severelly beating up David, and making a big name for himself. Soon he is respected by everyone around, and attains the position of a gangster with a good heart. Kundan marries Pooja, and few months later they are proud parents of a baby boy. It is then that Pooja questions this living, and wonders if she would like to have her son also grow up to be like his father. Her attempts to sway Kundan are in vain, for Kundan has gone too far deep in this game.

Sunil Shetty Sunil Shetty …
Pooja Batra Pooja Batra …
Sonali Bendre Sonali Bendre …
Shakti Kapoor Shakti Kapoor …
Ashish Vidyarthi Ashish Vidyarthi …
David (the don)
Kader Khan Kader Khan …
Inspector Lalit Kapoor
Kunal Khemu Kunal Khemu …
Krishna (Kundan’s brother)
Om Puri Om Puri …
Advocate Satyaprakash
Lalita Pawar Lalita Pawar …
Satyaprakash’s mom
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ishrat Ali Ishrat Ali …
Brij Gopal Brij Gopal …
Inspector Sinha
Rajendra Gupta Rajendra Gupta …
Mohan Joshi Mohan Joshi …
Mushtaq Khan Mushtaq Khan …
Shiva Rindani Shiva Rindani

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الجزء الاول part .1
====افلام اون لاين ====
الجزء الثانى part.2
====افلام اون لاين ====


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