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الفيلم الهندى الرائع (1999)Hello Brother لـ سلمان خان ورانى موخرجى

الفيلم الهندى الرائع (1999)Hello Brother لـ سلمان خان ورانى موخرجى
فيلم الرمانسيه الرائع (1999)Hello Brother مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم (1999)Hello Brotherمترجم
(1999)Hello Brother

Police Inspector Vishal has been transferred to Bombay city. He reports to his superior officer, and assigned the Bandra area in Bombay for his duties. He comes across a young man named Hero, who works for A2Z Courier company. Vishal suspects that Hero is up to no good, and follows him to a warehouse near the docks, where Vishal is shot at and left for dead. When Vishal wakes up he is told that Hero is dead, and his heart has been transplanted in him, and that is only reason why he survived. Hero appears to Vishal, and guides him to the persons who have using the courier company as a front for drugs, and also to the person who shot at Vishal, and killed him. But Vishal regards Hero as an irritant, and wants to go about the investigation in his own, not knowing that without Hero’s help he will be jeopardizing his life, as well as the life of Hero’s girlfriend, Rani.

Salman Khan … Hero
Rani Mukherjee … Rani
Arbaaz Khan … Inspector Vishal
Johnny Lever … Havaldar Hatella
Neeraj Vora … Senior Police Inspector (as Niraj Vora)
Shakti Kapoor … Khanna
Razak Khan (as Razzak Khan)
Sulabha Arya … Rani’s Mom (as Sulbha Arya)
Dinyar Tirandaz … Doctor
Mukhtar Khan
Javed Khan
Mahendra Verma
Apurva Shah
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الفيلم مرفوع على سيرفرين

السيرفر الاول والنسخه افضل من السيرفر الثانى

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السيرفر الثانى
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فيلم الاكشن والكوميديه الهندى One 2 Ka 4 .2001 مترجم لـ شاروخان وجاكى شروف و افلام جوهي شاولا

فيلم الاكشن والكوميديه الهندى One 2 Ka 4 .2001 مترجم لـ شاروخان وجاكى شروف و افلام جوهي شاولا
الفيلم الهندى One 2 Ka 4 .2001 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم One 2 Ka 4 .2001 مترجم
One 2 Ka 4 .2001
Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) is widowed Police Officer with four children. His partner is Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan). Both Javed and Arun are honest, hard-working and diligent. And this leads to the “death” of Javed in mysterious circumstances. After Javed’s death, Arun takes over the responsiblity of looking after his four children. He does run into several problems and decides to seek the help of Geeta Choudhary (Juhi chawla), who readily agrees and moves in with him and the four children. The children take an instant liking to Geeta, and things seem to settle down. One day Arun finds out that his former partner’s death was really a homicide. When he attempts to investigate, charges of drug-trafficking, and bribery are brought out against him, He finds out that Geeta is not what she claims to be, and is living a double life.
Action | Comedy | Drama

Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan …
Arun Verma
Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla …
Geeta Choudhary
Jackie Shroff Jackie Shroff …
Javed Abbas
Nirmal Pandey Nirmal Pandey …
Krishan Kant Virmani
Dilip Joshi Dilip Joshi …
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sahila Chaddha Sahila Chaddha …
Suresh Chatwal Suresh Chatwal …
Inspector Rajendra
Bharat Dabholkar Bharat Dabholkar
Baby Gazala Baby Gazala
Akash Khurana Akash Khurana …
Commissioner of Police
Keith Stevenson Keith Stevenson …
Chief Police Commisioner
Rajendranath Zutshi Rajendranath Zutshi …
Sawant (as Raj Zutshi) ..

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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار للمشاهده اون لاين

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم الكوميديه والرومانسيه Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007 مترجم
فيلم Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007 مترجم
Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007
When U.S.-based Siddharth visits his Indian home town with his new wife, he insists they stay at the ancestral home, laughing off family members’ warnings of ghostly goings-on in the mansion. But events soon make him reconsider his beliefs. As unexplained and terrifying occurrences arise, Siddharth calls on his doctor friend to help solve the mystery. What will be the outcome? Will Siddharth’s friend be able to solve this riddle?

Comedy | Drama | Mystery

Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar …
Dr. Aditya Shrivastav
Vidya Balan Vidya Balan …
Avni Chaturvedi
Ameesha Patel Ameesha Patel …
Shiney Ahuja Shiney Ahuja …
Siddharth Chaturvedi
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Batukshankar Upadhyay
Rajpal Yadav Rajpal Yadav …
Chhote Pandit / Lal Hanuman
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Asrani Asrani …
Vikram Gokhale Vikram Gokhale …
Acharya Yagyaprakash Bharti
Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi …
Badrinarayan ‘Badri’ Chaturvedi
Rasika Joshi Rasika Joshi …
Janki Upadhyay
Tarina Patel Tarina Patel …
Nandini Upadhyay
Vineeth Vineeth …
Professor Sharad Prahlad / Shashidhar

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الجزء الاول part .1
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الجزء الثانى part.2
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فلم الرومانسية الرائع (2002 )ديفداس Devdas مترجم لشاروخان
The son of Zamindar Narayan Mukherjee, Devdas (Shahrukh Khan) was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in the lush village of Taj Sonapur, where he spent his childhood, indulged by his lovely playmate Paro (Aishwarya). They grew up sharing a special relationship, in which they existed only to each other. Oblivious of all the differences of status and background, a bond that would never break grew between them. Slowly, it changed to love but it was still unsaid. But the reverie was broken when his family sent Devdas to London for education. Paro’s world crashed knowing that her Devdas would be gone and she lit a diya, for it signified the fast coming back of her loved one. Years passed and Devdas returned. Devdas was besotted by her stunning beauty and longed to have her back. But Zamindar Narayan Mukherjee (Vijay Crishna), Devdas’ father, met Paro’s mother Sumitra’s (Kiran Kher) marriage proposal with condescending arrogance. It caused a rift between the families and even though Devdas tried to convince his father, only antagonism came his way. Finally, he moved away from Paro and wrote a letter to her, asking her to forget him. Only, he didn’t realize that he would never be able to forget her ever! And much later, when he reached out to her, it was too late as she was far too humiliated. She scorned him for not standing by her and they parted forever with a heart-broken Paro entering into a chaste marriage with a wealthy, much older man, Zamindar Bhuvan (Vijayendra Ghagte), while a shattered Devdas walked towards anguish, alcoholism & Chandramukhi (Madhuri Dixit). Chandramukhi, a stunning courtesan instantly lost her heart to Devdas. A unique bond was formed between both as he could share with her the intense pain of his unfulfilled love for Paro. Meanwhile, Paro, on the other hand, performed her worldly duties sincerely, but inside her heart, she could never forget Devdas for a moment. Strange was the fate of Devdas. Intensely loved by two women, who were never meant to be his. One whom he could never love and one whom he could never stop loving
Shahrukh Khan … Devdas Mukherji

Madhuri Dixit … Chandramukhi

Aishwarya Rai … Parvati (‘Paro’)

Jackie Shroff … Chunnilal
Kiron Kher … Sumitra
Smita Jaykar … Kaushalya
Tiku Talsania … Dharamdas
Vijayendra Ghatge … Bhuvan Choudhry
Milind Gunaji … Kalibabu
Ananya Khare … Kumud
Manoj Joshi … Dwijdas
Ava Mukherjee … Dev’s Badima (as Ava Mukherji)
Dina Pathak … Badima
Vijay Crishna … Narayan Mukherji
Muni Jha … Kaka
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فيلم Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين

فيلم الكوميديه الهندى الرائع Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 مترجم
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008

Inspired by the incredible true story of Lucky Singh, an extremely charismatic and fearless
confident man and thief who socialized with the rich, famous and influential of Delhi society and then proceeded to rob them blind. He was the bête noire of the police and had stolen millions by the time he was caught. A modern day Robin Hood with a twist, he robbed both the rich and the poor without prejudice. Nothing was too big nor was anything too insignificant to escape his attention. The film opens with his trial and charts his rise from the projects of crime ridden suburban Delhi to the very heart of the corridors of power. Along the way he makes lifelong friends, falls in love an manages to outwit the entire law and order machinery
Comedy | Crime | Drama

Abhay Deol Abhay Deol …
Paresh Rawal Paresh Rawal …
Lucky’s father / Gogi Bhai / Dr. Handa
Neetu Chandra Neetu Chandra …
Archana Puran Singh Archana Puran Singh …
Mrs. Handa
Manu Rishi Manu Rishi …
Richa Chadda Richa Chadda …
Manjot Singh Manjot Singh …
Young Lucky
Anurag Arora Anurag Arora …
Devender Singh
Amandeep Singh Bakshi Amandeep Singh Bakshi …
Chandan Anand Chandan Anand …
Young Bangali
Rajendra Sethi Rajendra Sethi …
Criminal Reporter
Rajeev Ailabadi Rajeev Ailabadi …
Babul Awasthi
Nutan Surya Nutan Surya …
Sonal’s mother
Gurmeet Singh Gurmeet Singh …
Lucky’s older brother
Ramandeep Ramandeep …
Lucky’s Bhabi

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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Dil Bole Hadippa 2009 مترجم لـ رانى وشاهيد

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Dil Bole Hadippa 2009 مترجم لـ رانى وشاهيد
فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه الهندى Dil Bole Hadippa 2009 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Dil Bole Hadippa 2009 مترجم
Dil Bole Hadippa 2009

Slender, barely 5’2″, assisting a dance troupe, Veera Kaur’s dream is to represent the 9-time losing Indian Tigers cricket team. The team, led by Choudhary Vikramjeet Singh, have never won the Aman Cup against their rivals, Pakistan Champs, led by Pathan Liqayat Ali Khan. She dons the guise of a turbaned Sikh, complete with beard and mustache, and calls herself Veer Pratap Singh. In this way she manage to convince the new, rather arrogant and brash Team Captain, Rohan Singh, a British County Cricket all-rounder, and the son of Vikramjeet, to include her in this team. Things all appear to be going well until accusations are leveled against her for attempting to sexually molest Rohan’s leggy girlfriend – none other than Miss Chandigarh 2008, Soniya Saluja – which may well blow her cover, and prevent her from ever playing for any Indian Cricket team
Shahid Kapur … Rohan Singh
Rani Mukherjee … Veera Kaur / Veer Pratap Singh
Anupam Kher … Choudhary Vikramjeet ‘Vicky’ Singh
Dalip Tahil … Pathan Liyaqat ‘Lucky’ Ali Khan
Poonam Dhillon … Yamini Kaur

Sherlyn Chopra … Soniya Saluja
Rakhi Sawant … Shanno Amritsari

Tabu … Zaara Hayaat Khan
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shonali Nagrani … Reporter / Commentator
Shri Vallabh Vyas … Chachu (as Vallabh Vyas)

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الفيلم على سيرفرين

السيرفر الاول

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السيرفر الثانى

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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Aaj Ka Arjun .1990 مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان للمشاهده اون لاين

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Aaj Ka Arjun .1990 مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان للمشاهده اون لاين
الفيلم الهندى فيلم الاكشن والرمانسيه والدراما الرائع Aaj Ka Arjun .1990 مترجم
فيلم Aaj Ka Arjun .1990 للمشاهده لـ اميتاب بتشان للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Aaj Ka Arjun .1990 متجم
Aaj Ka Arjun .1990

Bhim Singh is an orphan who lives a poor life-style in a small community. He is the guardian to his only sister, Laxmi, who he has educated in the city, she meets Ajit Singh the son of Thakur Bhupendra Singh and both falls in love and gets married with the blessings of Bhim, but on there nuptial night, Ajit goes missing. Bhim finds out that Ajit has relocated to his dad’s residence and he goes there to beg there pardon but is humiliated and witnesses Ajit knifes Laxmi to death. A grief-stricken Bhim murders Ajit publicly and goes on a rampage to rescue farmers in his community whose land are being snatched by Thakur Bhupendra Singh and his henchman Lakhan..
Action | Crime | Drama

Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan …
Bhim Singh
Jayapradha Jayapradha …
Raadhika Raadhika …
Suresh Oberoi Suresh Oberoi …
Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar …
Amrish Puri Amrish Puri …
Thakur Bhupendra Singh
Rishabh Shukla Rishabh Shukla …
Ajit Singh
Asrani Asrani …
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher …
Police Inspector
Priti Sapru Priti Sapru …
Mohan’s wife
Baby Guddu Baby Guddu …
Kanhaiya Singh
Brahmachari Brahmachari
Praveen Kumar Praveen Kumar
Anirudh Agarwal Anirudh Agarwal
Mehmood Jr. Mehmood Jr.

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فيلم Bobby 1973 مترجم لـ ريشي كابور

فيلم الرمنسيه الهندى النادر Bobby 1973 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Bobby 1973 مترجم لـ ريشي كابور
شاهد فيلم ريشي كابورBobby 1973 مترجم مجانا

Mr. Nath lives a very wealthy lifestyle in India along with his wife, Sushma, and a 6 year old son, Raj. Both he and Sushma lead a very busy life, so much so that they have no quality time to spend with Raj, leaving his care, even breast-feeding, to their maidservant, Mrs. Braganza, who Raj regards as his mother. When Mr. Nath finds Raj to be precocious, he has him enrolled in a distant boarding school. When Raj returns after 12 years, he does not find any change, save that Mrs. Braganza does not work there anymore as she has been fired by Sushma. At his 18th birthday party, he meets with flirtatious Nima, and this is when he sets his eyes on Bobby, Mrs. Braganza’s 16 year old granddaughter, and falls head over heels in love with her. To his delight he finds that she also loves him, much to the chagrin of his parents, who agree to meet with Bobby’s dad, Jack, and Mrs. Braganza, but humiliate them..
min 168 – Romance | Musical

Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor …
Dimple Kapadia Dimple Kapadia …
Bobby J. Braganza
Pran Pran …
Mr. Nath
Prem Nath Prem Nath …
Jack Braganza
Sonia Sahni Sonia Sahni …
Mrs. Sushma Nath
Durga Khote Durga Khote …
Mrs. Braganza
Aruna Irani Aruna Irani …
Prem Chopra Prem Chopra …
Prem Chopra
Farida Jalal Farida Jalal …
Alka ‘Nikki’ Sharma
Piloo J. Wadia Piloo J. Wadia …
Mrs. Pestonji (as Mrs. Piloo Wadia)
Pinchoo Kapoor Pinchoo Kapoor …
Mr. Sharma
Jagdish Raj Jagdish Raj …
Police Inspector
Shashi Kiran Shashi Kiran …
Shyam (Raj’s college-mate)
Raj Rani Raj Rani …
Mrs. Sharma
Aarti Aarti

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فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه Deewana Mastana 1997مترجم لـ انيل كابور وغوفيندا وسنجاى دوت

فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه Deewana Mastana 1997مترجم لـ انيل كابور وغوفيندا وسنجاى دوت
الفيلم الرائع Deewana Mastana 1997 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين جوهي شاولا
Deewana Mastana 1997

Raja is a minor league crook who sells railway tickets on the black market at Amirpur station. Tired of his job he looks for new ways to make a quick buck. One day, along with his friend Ghafoor and a police inspector, he robs Rs 2.5 million from the railway treasury. Later, Raja and Ghafoor bump off the inspector and run away with the loot to Bombay. At Bombay airport, Raja sets eyes on Dr Neha and promptly falls in love with the psychiatrist, for that’s what she is. Raja and Ghafoor quickly find out where she lives. Ghafoor pretends to be a psychiatric patient while Raja takes on the name Raj Kumar and befriends her, telling her he has just returned from the US. However, Ghafoor cautions Raja not to hurry and be patient in matters of love. The trouble begins when Bunnu, the son of a wealthy businessman, is sent to Neha for treatment. He is really crazy, and terrified of fire, heights, running and water. Soon, he too falls for Neha and discovers he has a rival in Raja. Suddenly, Neha has to leave for Ooty with her father to attend her uncle’s wedding. She does not leave behind a forwarding address. However, both Raja and Bunnu impersonate policemen and intimidate her secretary into revealing where she’s vamoosed. Dr Neha is thrilled to see them in Ooty, but is drawn closer to the ill Bunnu rather than Raja. Things take an ugly turn when Ghafoor tires to kill Bunnu, who escapes. Bunnu contacts contract killer Pappu Pager to bump off Raja. However, that plan too comes a cropper. Armed with a gold ring and garland, Neha calls Bunnu and Raja to court, ostensibly with the purpose of marriage. Both are surprised to see the other there

Anil Kapoor … Raj Kumar (Raja) / Inspector. Bansi Rao
Govinda … Bunnu / Police Commisioner of Mumbai
Juhi Chawla … Dr. Neha Sharma
Johnny Lever … Gaffoor (as Johny Lever)
Anupam Kher … Birju (Bunnu’s dad)
Reema Lagoo … Bunnu’s mother (as Reema)

Saeed Jaffrey … Chander Nandkishore Kapoor Sharma
Upasna Singh … Neha’s Aunt (as Upasana Singh)
Himani Shivpuri … Raja’s mom
Avtar Gill … Inspector. Mhatre
Shiva Rindani … Man teased Neha in the disco. (as Shiva)
Guddi Maruti … Suzie
Shashi Kiran … Bus Driver
Pratibha Sinha … Tina
Satish Kaushik … Pappu Pager

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الفيلم الهندى Eklavya 2007مترجم للنجم اميتاب بتشان وسنجاى دوت وسيف على خان

الفيلم الهندى Eklavya 2007مترجم للنجم اميتاب بتشان وسنجاى دوت وسيف على خان
فيلم الاكشن الهندى الرائع Eklavya 2007مترجم
فيلم Eklavya 2007مترجم

It has been chronicled in the Geeta that Eklavya wanted to be Sage Dronacharya’s disciple in order to excel at bow and arrow shooting, but was refused because of his low caste. He decided to teach himself, and did excel to such an extent that Dronacharya felt threatened that he would beat his ace disciple, Arjun, so he asked Eklavya for his fee – his right thumb, which Eklavya dutifully cut off and presented it to his Guru. Now in modern India, Nishab, whose father was Eklavya, who gave his life trying to protect his master, has now been re-named Eklavya himself, and has been entrusted to guard the lives of Rana Jaywardhan, Ranimaa Suhasinidevi, and their children, Harsh and Nandini, will be called upon to pay the ultimate price, after he learns that his master, the Rana, has been killed. Eklavya, who also carries a dark family secret, slays the two assailants of the Rana, but then in the process also finds out that th.
min105 – Action | Drama | Thriller

Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan …
Saif Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan …
Prince Harshwardhan
Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt …
DSP Pannalal Chohaar
Vidya Balan Vidya Balan …
Rajeshwari / ‘Rajjo’
Jackie Shroff Jackie Shroff …
Boman Irani Boman Irani …
King Jaywardhan
Jimmy Shergill Jimmy Shergill …
Raima Sen Raima Sen …
Princess Nandini
Sharmila Tagore Sharmila Tagore …
Queen Suhasinidevi
Parikshat Sahni Parikshat Sahni …
Omkar Singh
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Adhir Bhatt Adhir Bhatt …
Swanand Kirkire Swanand Kirkire …

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