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حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Milenge Milenge 2010 مترجم لـ شاهيد كابور وكارينا كابور

حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Milenge Milenge 2010 مترجم لـ شاهيد كابور وكارينا كابور

Kareena Kapoor … Priya
Shahid Kapur … Amit
Aarti Chhabria
Delnaaz Paul … Honey

Satish Shah

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Yeh Hai Jalwa 2002 مترجم لـ سيلمان خان وريشى كابور

الفيلم الهندى الرائع Yeh Hai Jalwa 2002 مترجم لـ سيلمان خان وريشى كابور
London-based Rajesh Mittal (Rishi Kapoor) of Indian-origin receives the award for the best businessman in the world. All is well in his world, his dad, Purshotam Mittal (Kader Khan) is happy; his pretty wife, Smita (Rati Agnihotri) is satisfied, and so are his two children, Rinke (Rinke Khanna), and Bunty. Rinke is soon to be married to Vicky (Sharad Kapoor). And then alongs comes Raj Saxena (Salman Khan), disrupting his delicate equilibrium by claiming that he is his son from a previous “indiscretion” in India over 20 years ago.

Rishi Kapoor … Rajesh Purushottam Mittal

Salman Khan … Raj ‘Raju’ Saxena / Raj Mittal
Ameesha Patel … Sonia Singh (as Amisha Patel)
Rati Agnihotri … Smita Mittal
Rinke Khanna … Rinkie Mittal (as Rinkie Khanna)
Anupam Kher … Robin Singh
Kader Khan … Purshottam Mittal
Sharad S. Kapoor … Vikram aka Vicky (as Sharad Kapoor)
Kiran Kumar … Club Owner’s elder brother
Shahbaaz Khan … Chotu (Club Owner)
Ajay Nagrath … Bunty Mittal (as Master Ajay Nagrath)
Navin Nischol … Surgeon

Jaspal Bhatti … Buta Singh
Gavin Packard … Man hired to beat up Raju (as Gavin)
Anil Nagrath … Dr. Khanna

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى الرمانسى الرائع Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa 1993 مترجم لشاروخان

الفيلم الهندى الرمانسى الرائع Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa 1993 مترجم لشاروخان
Sunil belongs to a middle-class family, and is intent in pursuing his career with a music group, despite of his dad disapproval. Sunil is also in love with Anna, but Anna does not really love him, but likes him as a friend. Sunil is persistent, but instead Anna openly declares her love for Chris. In order to impress his dad, Sunil forges his examination results, but then later confesses to his family, who receive this news in utter dismay. Will this change Sunil’s ways? Will Anna change her mind about Sunil or will she get married to Chris?

Shahrukh Khan … Sunil
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi … Aana

Deepak Tijori … Chris (as Depak Tijori)
Rita Bhaduri … Mary Sullivan
Satish Shah … Saimon (Aana’s Father)
Anjan Srivastav … Vinayak
Goga Kapoor … Anthony Gomez, The Don
Tiku Talsania … Mr. Patel
Ravi Baswani … Albert Sullivan
Naseeruddin Shah … Father Breganza
Juhi Chawla … Special Apperance

Kurush Deboo … Yezdi
Aditya Lakhia
Shashi Sahay
Jyothi Nathani


فيلم الاثاره الهندى maya memsaab 1993 مترجم لـ شاروخان للكبار فقط

فيلم الاثاره الهندى maya memsaab 1993 مترجم لـ شاروخان للكبار فقط

Young, beautiful, and intelligent Maya lives with her father in a palatial mansion in rural India. When her father suffers a stroke, she calls for the local Dr. Charu Das, who arrives on his bicycle and prescribes treatment for her dad. He comes often, more on the pretext of seeing her, than her dad, and eventually both get married. Years pass by, and Charu is busy engrossed in treating patients, leaving Maya alone to ponder her own fate and life. And it is not long before a young man named Rudra enters her life, and an affair follows. This affair does not last long, as a much younger man, Lalit, now enters Maya’s life, and thence begins another passionate affair. But again, Maya is not satiated. She longs for more than bodily needs, and it is perhaps this that leads to her sudden death, leaving two investigators to probe who or what really killed Maya.


Raj Babbar … Rudra
Satyadev Dubey

Shahrukh Khan … Lalit
Shreeram Lagoo … Maya

Om Puri
Paresh Rawal … Lalaji
Deepa Sahi … Maya Das
Farooq Shaikh … Dr. Charu Das
Sudha Shivpuri
Raghuvir Yadav

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى God Tussi Great Ho 2008 مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان وسيلمان خان

الفيلم الهندى God Tussi Great Ho 2008 مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان وسيلمان خان وبرينكا

Arun Prajapati has been trying to be a successful TV anchor but success has always eluded him. He only blames God for this. Arun is head over heels in love with Alia, who is a TV anchor and a well-known star working in the same channel but he has never been able to express his love for her. Destiny plays a cruel game with him when Rocky is appointed as an anchor for the channel. Arun starts believing that Rocky will win over Alia. Circumstances go out of hand for Arun and he gets thrown out of the channel. He has nobody to blame but God Himself. And very soon he has an encounter with the Almighty. An argument ensues between the two. God then decides to give Arun the power to run earth for seven days as Arun claims that he can do a better job. After Arun becomes God, he becomes successful. He puts Rocky into an uneasy spot and wins Alia’s heart. Also, he grants everybody’s wish. But much to his dismay this becomes the biggest problem of his life


Amitabh Bachchan … God

Salman Khan … Arun ‘AP’ Prajapati
Priyanka Chopra … Alia Kapoor
Anupam Kher … Mr. Prajapati
Beena Kak … Mrs. Prajapati ‘SP’
Rukhsar … Madhu Prajapati
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Snehal Dabi … Tinu – Prajapati’s neighbor
Puneet Issar … Terrorist
Satish Kaushik … Bholaram Sachha – Chief Minster
Sohail Khan … Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Sharma
Shashi Kiran … Corrupt Doctor Exposed on live TV (as Shashi Rajan)
Anupam Maanav … Prasad – Arun’s friend
Sanjay Mishra … Murari – Peon at Channel One
Abbas Ali Moghul … Kidnapper / Terrorist
Rajesh Puri … Rajesh – Kewal Chandani’s Assistant
Upasna Singh … Gangubai – Maid
Dalip Tahil … Kewal Chandani – Channel One CEO
Rajesh Vivek … Ghanshu – Beggar
Rajpal Yadav … Rangeela – Lottery Stall Owner

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع My Name Is Khan 2010 مترجم نسخه dvd لـ شاروخان وكاجول

الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع My Name Is Khan 2010 مترجم نسخه dvd لـ شاروخان وكاجول

Rizwan Khan, a Muslim from the Borivali section of Mumbai, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism that complicates socialization. The adult Rizwan marries a Hindu single mother, Mandira, in San Francisco. After 9/11, Rizwan is detained by authorities at LAX who mistake his disability for suspicious behavior. Following his arrest, he meets Radha, a therapist who helps him deal with his situation and his affliction. Rizwan then begins a journey to meet US President Obama to clear his name.


Shahrukh Khan … Rizwan Khan
Kajol … Mandira

Shane Harper … Tim

Christopher B. Duncan … Barack Obama

Jennifer Echols … Mama Jenny

Steffany Huckaby … Kathy Baker

Harmony Blossom … Karma Girl

Douglas Tait … Sniper

Parvin Dabas
Tanay Chheda … Young Rizwan Khan

Adrian Kali Turner … Joel

Mel Fair … Doctor #2

Michael William Arnold … Young Reese at 6

Kathleen M. Darcy … Museum Instructor (as Kathleen Darcy)

Carl Marino … Officer Vaughn
Sonya Jehan … Hasina

Retson Ross … Locker Room Bully
Sugandha Garg

Pallavi Sharda … Sajida Khan

Benny Nieves … Detective Garcia

Mike Howard … Father

Jeremy Kilpatrick … Jimmy

Len Anderson IV … Airport Officer #1

Ethynn Tanner Cerney … Locker Room Bully

Kevin Oestenstad … Officer John Marshall

Reed Rudy … A.D.A Jones

Tracy Weisert … School Teacher
Arif Zakaria … Faisal Rahman
Arjun Mathur … Raj

Montgomery Paulsen … Autistic Patient

Natasha Marc … Hooker

Nicolas Pajon … French Reporter
Kristen Marie Holly … Karma Girl
a’Ali-Salaam … Secret Service Agent
David Alan Hodges … Museum Witness #1 (as David Hodges)

Brett Glazer … Dwayne
Mark S. Porro … D. A. Black

Dominic Renda … Mark Garrick
Marquis Scott … Tyler

Laurence Brown … Desk Officer #1
Sheetal Menon … Radha
Brittany Disston … Karma Girl
Joseph Zinsman … Reporter (credit only)
Daniel Lee … Roger the homeless man
Victor M. Slone … Sheriff of Van Transport
Willoughby Charles Jenett … Young man at Motel

Patrick J. Crabb … Museum Witness #2
Ron Provencal … E.R. Doctor.


الفيلم الهندى النادر hero1983 هيرو مترجم لـ جاكى شرووف وامريش بورى

Hero (1983)
Movie Information

Movie Name : Hero
Year of Release : 1983
Release Date : 15 December 1983
Producer : Subhash Ghai

Director : Subhash Ghai
Cast : Shammi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Neeta Mehta, Bindu, Shakti Kapoor, Amrish Puri
Music Director : Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Synopsis :
Although Jackie Shroff had already appeared in a couple of Hindi films, he was yet to make a mark for himself. Hero launched Jackie in the big league. The music of the film became superhit.
Meenakshi Seshadri had a second coming with Hero. Her debut film Painter Babu under the baton of Manoj Kumar was a flop. Hero is the story of a criminal transforming and evolving as a good person under the influence of love. Jackie is a baddie with a heart of gold though, who has to settle scores with the area’s ‘Thakur’ and his police officer son Sanjeev Kumar. So he opts for kidnapping their soft spot, Radha, Thakur khandaan’s only daughter. Radha is given to understand that Jackie and his gang are police people who have taken her away to the safety of jungles because their house has been invaded by dacoits. The rest of the story is about the gang’s camaraderie with Radha in sylvan spots and the discovery of truth by Radha.

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى الرائع mann 1999 مترجم لـ امير خان وانيل كابور

الفيلم الهندى الرائع mann 1999 مترجم لـ امير خان وانيل كابور

Priya wins a cruise abroad a luxury liner en-route from Singapore to India. Shortly after boarding, she meets with artistic playboy, Dev, and both fall in love with each other. Both of them are to marry, but not to each other. Fully aware of this, they part at the end of the cruise, promising to meet again a year later. They go about their respective lives, and it remains to be seen if they will recall their promise or even their romance after the lapse of an year


Aamir Khan … Karan Dev Singh
Manisha Koirala … Priya Verma
Sharmila Tagore … Dev’s grandmother
Dipti Bhatnagar … Anita Singhania
Dalip Tahil … Pratap Rai Singhania

Anil Kapoor … Raj
Rani Mukherjee … Sexy girl (song “Kali Nagin Ke”)
Neeraj Vora … Nattu
Satyendra Kapoor … Raj’s uncle (as Satyen Kappu)
Anant Mahadevan … Creditor
Sulabha Deshpande … Orphanage Matron (as Sulbha Deshpande)
Paresh Ganatra
Sanjay Goradia
Sheela Sharma
Ketaki Dutta (as Ketaki Dave

للمشاهدة to watch


فيلم الاكشن والكوميديه الهندى Zamaana Deewana 1995 مترجم لشاروخان

فيلم الاكشن والكوميديه الهندى Zamaana Deewana 1995 مترجم لشاروخان
With crime flourishing out of control, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) arranges a meeting of senior police officers to discuss this situation. They are apprised that there are two criminal dons involved, namely Madanlal Malhotra, and Suraj Pratap Singh, who are involved in gang rivalry, which is spreading violent crime throughout the city. At the recommendation of the Chief Minister, a criminal psychologist is sent to assist the ACP, namely Kamdev Singh alias KD., who proposes that instead of tackling the two gangs, he will try to get the children of Malhotra and Singh to fall in love, thus ending their traditional rivalry. His attempts to do so only serve to bring the two families apart even more, it is then Kamdev decides on more drastic action, with deadly and hilarious results


Jeetendra … Madanlal Malhotra
Shatrughan Sinha … Suraj Pratap Singh

Shahrukh Khan … Rahul Malhotra
Raveena Tandon … Priya Singh
Anupam Kher … Kamdev Singh alias K.D. (criminal psychologist)
Tinnu Anand … Sundar
Kiran Juneja … Shalini Srivastav (as Kiran Joneja)
Beena Banerjee … Sarita Malhotra (as Beena)
Aashif Sheikh … Bobby (as Aasif Shaikh)
Neelima Azim … Nisha (as Neelima Azeem)
Sudhir … Gullu – Hitman
Ghanshyam Rohera … Sai – Landowner (as Ghanshyam)
Prem Chopra … Asst. Commissioner of Police

للمشاهدة to watch


الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع Oh Darling Yeh Hai India 1995 مترجم للنجم شاروحان

الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع Oh Darling Yeh Hai India 1995 مترجم للنجم شاروحان
Don Quixote is a gangster based in Bombay, India. His dream is to take control of India, and sell it at an well-attended and much publicized auction. In order to fulfill this dream, he recruits five men – all resembling the President of India, and asks them to undergo vigorous training in order to take over as the President. That done, he selects one of them, Nathuram, eliminates the other four, and arranges the kidnapping of the President, with success. He than implants Nathuram as the President – and the stage is set for the biggest auction in Earth’s history – when India will be auctioned to the highest bidder

Shahrukh Khan … Hero
Deepa Sahi … Miss India
Javed Jaffrey … Prince of Don (as Jaaved Jaaferi)
Anupam Kher … President of India / Nathuram

Amrish Puri … Don Qixote
Tom Alter … Bidder
Tinnu Anand (as Tinu Anand)
Sadashiv Amrapurkar … Bidder
Tiku Talsania … Havaldar
Kader Khan … Bidder
Shri Vallabh Vyas (as Shree Vallabh Vyas)
Raza Murad … Bidder
B.M. Vyas
Anil Nagrath … Bidder
Ranjana Sharma Anjaam 1994

للمشاهدة to watch


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