فيلم الخائنه الهندى (2005)Bewafaa مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وانيل كابور وكارينا كابور

23 Jun

With a mixed ethnic background of English and Hindi, Anjali lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her parents. There she meets with a young struggling musician named Raja, and they both fall in love, but cannot share their love openly. Anjali’s parents are very strict with their Hindu values and Anjali fears they won’t consent of Raja and her. When Anjali’s India-based, married, and pregnant sister, Aarti Sahani, comes for a visit she takes her to be introduced to Raja, and Aarti approves of him, promising Anjali she will try to convince their parents to allow Raja to marry Anjali. Then Aarti goes into delivery mode and tragically dies after giving birth to twin daughters. This crisis is resolved when Anjali is asked to consider marrying Aarti’s businessman husband, Aditya, in accordance with Hindu traditions. Fearing that the twins will be neglected and harmed if Aditya re-marries someone else, she consents, and a quiet marriage ceremony takes place, and thereafter they relocate to India with the twins. Years pass by, Aditya is engrossed in his business, and has no time for Aarti, who yearns for his company and makes every attempt to be a good wife, going to the extent of trying to look exactly like Aarti and to please him. However, he shows no signs of affection. And then in a twist of fate, Raja comes to India for a tour, and re-meets with a much more subdued and mature Anjali bringing back old feelings. The only thing stopping these two from being together is Anjali’s sacrifice and commitment for Aarti to take care of her children and husband, Aditya-not to mention two busy bodies Aditya calls “friends,” Dil and Pallo


Anil Kapoor … Aditya Sahai

Akshay Kumar … Raja

Kareena Kapoor … Anjali Sahai
Sushmita Sen … Aarti Sahai
Shamita Shetty … Pallavi Arora
Manoj Bajpai … Dil Arora
Supriya Pathak

Kabir Bedi … Anjali’s father
Nafisa Ali … Anjali’s mother
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Supriya Karnik … Manju
Goolshan Mazdiasni
Sudhir Mittu
Navneet Nishan … Anju
Raj Premi


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