فيلم الاكشن الكورى الرهيب The Korean 2008 مترجم

02 Jul

فيلم الاكشن الكورى الرهيب The Korean 2008 مترجم

A Big City Mob Boss is betrayed by four criminal associates who disappear with his loot, his girl and more importantly, his pride. With only hours until his arrest, he calls in the deadliest “cleaner” on the eastern seaboard to track down these dogs and finish them. Now the four of them hole up in Pittsburgh and try to turn the tables on the man known only by the moniker “The Korean”.

Josiah D. Lee … Lee
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Paul Adamo … Ali
Paula Bellin … The Contessa
Rik Billock … Sachton
James Cadenhead … Adam
Trevor Chae … Young Lee
Emilio Cornachione … Diplomat 1
Joanne Cottage … Old Woman

Robert DiDonato … Abdula

David Early … Captain Milcoy

Jack Erdie … Ray L.
Gregory Johnstone … CB’s Guy 1
Andre Kazouh … Adel
Marcus Muzopappa … Chris

Shaun O’Donnell … Neighbor
Harry O’Toole … CB
Ginny Quaglia … Sandra
Jessica Ream … Stuardess
David Santiago … Shareef
Pumpa M. Shala … Maid
Rose Smith-Lotenero … Lily
Stephanie Trainer … Front Desk Attendant
Jennifer Vos … Lissia

John Yost … Jude
Arnold Zigarelli … Diplomat 2

__________اعلان الفيلم_____________


للمشاهدة to watch


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