الفيلم الهندى Shart: The Challenge 2004 مترجم

07 Jul

Karan lives a wealthy lifestyle in India, while his parents reside in the United States of America. Karan runs an advertising company and is very popular. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Sonam, and both are expected to marry son. Karan likes to get on challenges and bets – and ends up getting into a bet with Sonam that he can romance any woman and get her to marry him. Sonam chooses a woman, Saryu, and leaves for America to be with her future in-laws. Karan successfully woos Sarya, wins her heart and has her virtually eating out of his hand. He is all set to tell Sonam about his conquest – when he finds out that Saryu has a possessive brother, Nanda, who does not approve of Karan – and wants him out of her life, or else he would have him severely beaten up by his goons and forbids Saryu from seeing Karan. Karan accepts the challenge and is now determined to meet with Saryu at any and all costs. It is then that Nanda informs Saryu that Karan is really in love Sonam and both are expected to get married soon. A disbelieving Saryu asks Karan for confirmation – and gets it. She then tries to kill herself by consuming poison – and is rushed to hospital by her brother, where she recovers and recuperates. This is when Karan will attempt to meet her – and it is then that he will find out Sonam had literally forced him to take this bet for a devious reason


Amrita Arora … Saryu
Asrani … Dhabha ‘Dawood’ Bhai
Snehal Dabi … Sonam’s molestor
Vrajesh Hirjee … Maane – Karan’s Manager
Pawan Kalyan … Himself
Shakti Kapoor … Dilbaugh
Tusshar Kapoor … Karan Kapoor
Anupam Kher … Kapoor – Karan’s dad
Ameesha Patel … Herself (as Amisha Patel)
Prakash Raj … Nanda
Himani Shivpuri … Sonam’s aunt
Gracy Singh … Sonam
Rajpal Yadav … Bhootnath – Dhabha’s brother


2 responses to “الفيلم الهندى Shart: The Challenge 2004 مترجم

  1. Anonymous

    07/13/2010 at 1:50 am

    برضه الفلم مش هو ده فلم ريثيك روشان

  2. midonew

    07/13/2010 at 12:29 pm

    اسف بجد وبشكرك على التنبه تم التعديل ومشاهده ممتعه


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