الفيلم الرمانسى الهندى الرائع Dil Jo Bhi Kahey….2005مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان

12 Jul

الفيلم الرمانسى الهندى الرائع Dil Jo Bhi Kahey….2005مترجم لـ اميتاب بتشان
During the British rule in India, several Indians were lured by the British to travel to distant Mauritius where they would have a better life. Upon reaching this island, the Indians were enslaved, tortured and made to labor in what is now known as the “Coolie Ghat”. After the British left India, the Indians in Mauritius decided to continue to live there along with other nationals from different countries. Amongst the Indian family was the Sinha family, consisting of Shekhar, his wife Sandhya and son, Jai. Jai attends culinary classes where he meets with beautiful Swede, Sophie Besson, and after a few misunderstandings both fall in love with each other. Sophie introduces Jai to her parents, Norman and Claire. Norman who used to one of the slave-masters in the olden days, considers Indians quite inferior, does not approve of Jai, and would like Sophie to marry Gordon. On the other hand, Sandhya gets a shock when she finds out that her son wants to marry a Roman Catholic, and does not approve of Sophie at all. Sophie is adamant and refuses to change her mind about Jai, both plan to run away together. On the stipulated night, Jai does not show up, and a heart-broken Sophie returns home and agrees to marry Gordon. An angered Norman uses his contacts to ensure that Shekhar loses his job and will not find any employment in Mauritius. When Sophie and Jai meet again, Jai is in the company of a lovely young doctor named Gayatri Pandey, a Hindu Brahman, his fiancée, and Sophie is invited to their marriage. The question remains why did Jai fail to keep his appointment with Sophie, and why did he consent to marry Gayatri?

Amitabh Bachchan … Shekhar Sinha
Revathy … Sandhya S. Sinha
Karan Sharma … Jai S. Sinha
Annabelle Wallis … Sophie Besson / Savirti Pradhan (as Annabelle Wallace)
Bhoomika Chawla … Dr. Gayarti Pandey
Malcolm Stoddard … Norman Besson
Claire Oberman … Claire Besson
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Danny Denzongpa … Narrator
Manuj Gulati … Gaurav Gulati
Mumait Khan … Special Appearance (Song)
Caroline Olea … Saleswoman
Romesh Sharma … Ashim

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey….2005

للمشاهدة to watch


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