فيلم الاكشن الهندى Yateem 1988 مترجم لسونى ديول يتيم 1988

23 Jul

فيلم الاكشن الهندى Yateem 1988 مترجم لسونى ديول يتيم 1988
فيلم الاكشن الهندى Yateem 1988 مترجم لسونى ديول
Widower Inspector Shiv Kumar Yadav lives with his widowed mom, and daughter, Gauri. He finds out that Ujagar Singh, a bandit, is coming to the Dargah of an Islamic Saint, where he entraps and kills him. Shiv finds out that his wife is also dead, leaving behind an orphan son. He decides to adopt this child and names him Krishna. He decides to make Krishna a Police Officer and sends him for training. Years later, Krishna has grown up and is now a Police Officer, and returns home to the Yadav residence to find that Shiv has married a much younger woman, Chanchal; Shiv’s mom has passed away, and Gauri is in love with him. Both spend considerable time together, which does not auger well with Chanchal, who decides to put a stop to all this but arranging Gauri’s marriage with another Police Inspector Girivar Prasad Mathur. Before the marriage, Shiv is shocked to learn that Krishna has sexually molested Chanchal, arrests him, and puts him in a cell where he is severely beaten-up by Girivar. On the day of the marriage, Krishna breaks out of prison, daringly abducts Gauri from the wedding ceremony, and takes her away. An angered Shiv regrets his decision to adopt the son of a bandit, and asks Girivar to do his best to bring Gauri back in one piece. Girivar and Shiv do agree on one thing that it is more than likely that Krishna will join forces with other bandits and carry on where his dad left off. Watch what happens when Krishna does meet with another bandit, Pukhiyan alias Dadhu, and the impact this meeting has on both of them.


Sunny Deol Inspector Krishna
Farha Naaz Gauri S. Yadav
Danny Denzongpa Girivar Prasad Mathur

Amrish Puri Dacoit Pukhiya ‘Dadhu’
Sujata Mehta Chanchal S. Yadav
Kulbhushan Kharbanda Inspector. Shiv Kumar Yadav


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