حصريا الفيلم النادر The Crimson Pirate 1952 مترجم للمشاهده اونلاين

25 Jul

Burt Lancaster plays a pirate with a taste for intrigue and acrobatics who involves himself in the goings on of a revolution in the Caribbean in the late 1700s. A light hearted adventure involving prison breaks, an oddball Scientist, sailing ships, naval fights, and tons of swordplay.

Burt Lancaster … Capt. Vallo (The Crimson Pirate)
Nick Cravat … Ojo
Eva Bartok … Consuelo
Torin Thatcher … Humble Bellows
James Hayter … Prof. Prudence
Leslie Bradley … Baron Jose Gruda
Margot Grahame … Bianca
Noel Purcell … Pablo Murphy
Frederick Leister … Sebastian
Eliot Makeham … Governor
Frank Pettingell … Colonel

Dana Wynter … La Signorita (as Dagmar Wynter)

Christopher Lee … Joseph (attache)
Ewan Roberts … Claw Paw
John Chandos … Stub Ear

للمشاهدة to watch


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