حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Kambakkht Ishq .2009 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وكارينا كابور وسيلفستر استلونى

26 Jul

حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Kambakkht Ishq .2009 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وكارينا كابور وسيلفستر استلونى

Akshay Kumar’s latest 2009 flick is “Kambakkht Ishq.” In this romantic comedy he teams up with bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor. Akshay Acts as a Hollywood stuntman while Kareena stars as model with no patience for Kumar’s arrogance. The stuntman role should come natural to him since he just finished shooting “8×10” with action sequences as well as “Blue” which features Akshay surrounded by 40 sharks in one scene. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand will have some experience with a sour relationship as her latest film “Main Aur Mrs. Khanna” shows off a good marriage gone astray. “Kambakkht Ishq” is a film that is bringing together the east and west, a trend becoming more prevalent in Bollywood cinema. Later this year the film “New York” will be released which was filmed in New York and Philadelphia. The Sajid Nadiadwala film ran into some issues when the promo for the film was shown to have offensive language to showcase the hate between Kareena and Akshay. Expect action sequences from the film and fireworks between Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. Setting the film in Hollywood gives the viewer something different to look at. And having the two main stars hate each other offers an interesting battle of the sexes. Hollywood also offers a couple of its giants to appear as cameos in the film. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brandon Routh, and Denise Richards are confirmed to be part of the film. This isn’t the first time that Akhsay will be working with a western icon. He just teamed up with Kylie Minogue for a song in “Blue.” With the list of stars, “Kambakkht Ishq” is set to be one the biggest release of 2009 with much hype from the media. Akshay Kumar also has a handful of movies set to be released in 2009 which include, “Blue,” “8×10,” and “Chandni Chowk to China.” [D-Man2010]

Sylvester Stallone … Himself

Brandon Routh … Himself

Denise Richards

Holly Valance … Herself

Kareena Kapoor … Simrita Rai

Akshay Kumar … Viraj Shergill
Boman Irani
Aftab Shivdasani … Lucky Shergill
Amrita Arora … Kamini

Diane Sellers … Judge
Kiron Kher (as Kirron Kher)
Javed Jaffrey

Bayli Johnston … Flower Girl

Ashwin Mushran … Parmeet

Raeann Giles … Model

Tony Alameda … Fedora Gangster

Mikandrew Perdaris … Matt
Vindu Dara Singh … Tiger

Sheridan Crist … Deacon

Lewie Wickham … Movie Director


2 responses to “حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Kambakkht Ishq .2009 مترجم لـ اكشاى كومار وكارينا كابور وسيلفستر استلونى

  1. Anonymous

    08/12/2010 at 5:27 am

    هو لية الواحد مش بيتفرج على الفيلم كامل النهاردة نص وبكرة نص دة شلل الموقع حلو وكل حاجة بس الوقت هو اللى رخم وياريت تحلو الموضوع دة

  2. news The best in content

    08/12/2010 at 11:04 am

    مساء الخير غير معرف المشكله اتحلت هتلاقى الحل موجو فى القائمه على اليمين اسمها مشكله الميجا فيديو وانشاء الله تتحل معاك وتسوف الفلم كامل ومشاهده ممتعه معنا


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