حصريا الفيلم الهندى النادر samraat 1982 مترجم لـ دارمندار وامجد خان

27 Jul

حصريا الفيلم الهندى النادر samraat 1982 مترجم لـ دارمندار وامجد خان

Captain Chawla has been employed for years with a cargo shipping company run by Ranbir. While celebrating the new year, Chawla hears gunshots and goes below to investigate. He finds out that one of his officers, Gomes, has shot and killed a drunken sailor. Before he could do anything to address this situation, there is an explosion abroad the ship, “Samraat”, which subsequently sinks. Ranbir finds out that Chawla was misusing his captaincy and smuggling gold bars, and files a police complaint, Chawla is arrested and imprisoned. His daughter, Suman, returns from England and decides to find out what really happened as her dad claims that he is innocent. In order to carry out this investigation, she hires two crazy divers, Ram and Raju alias Raj, who decide to undertake this mission. Then Ram finds out that the ship contains gold bars which are virtually their’s for the taking. He informs Raj, only to find out that Raj is only interested in handing over the gold to the Government, as he has fallen in love with Suman, and wants to assist her in proving her dad’s innocence. The question remains will both friends be able to reconcile their differences, and is Chawla really telling the truth?


Dharmendra … Ram
Jeetendra … Raju / Raj
Hema Malini … Jennifer “Jenny” Gomes
Zeenat Aman … Suman / Sandhya Chawla / Gurbachan Singh
Amjad Khan … Ranbir
Shashikala … Ranbir’s mom
Kader Khan … Ram & Ranbir’s dad
Om Shivpuri … Captain Chawla
Shreeram Lagoo … Gomes
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Azad … Tiger
Kamaldeep … Lobo
Satyendra Kapoor … Kartar Singh
Usha Kiran … Mrs. Chawla
Purnima … Ram’s mom
Sudhir … Bijlani – Insurance Director

للمشاهدة to watch


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