فيلم الرمانسيه والكوميديه الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده

01 Nov

حصريا الفيلم الهندى الرائع Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده اونلاين
الفيلم الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم لـ سيلمان خان وانيل كابور كاترينا كايف و ميثون تشاكرابورتي و زايد خان
فيلم الرمانسيه والكوميديه الهندى Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم للمشاهده
فيلم Yuvraaj 2008 مترجم
Yuvraaj 2008

Yogendra Yuvvraaj Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle along with 3 sons, Gyanesh – who is mentally unstable; Deven – a bully and slacker; and Danny – a Casanova. While he does tolerate Danny, he asks Deven to leave when the later assaults Gyanesh. Deven re-locates to Austria, meets with Anushka Banton, and both fall in love much to the chagrin of her dad, Dr. P.K. Banton, who wants her to wed, Daniel Mehta. When Yogendra suddenly passes away, Deven returns home to find that the household is run by his maternal uncle, Om Prakash, and his family. The family will soon find out through Advocate Sikander Mirza that the majority of the wealth and estate will be inherited by Gyanesh -leading to a conspiracy between both Deven and Danny – to try and befriend Gyanesh, and then compel him to share the estate equally between the three
Comedy | Drama | Romance

Salman Khan Salman Khan …
Deven Y. Yuvvraaj Singh
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor …
Gyanesh Yuvvraaj
Zayed Khan Zayed Khan …
Danny Y. Yuvvraaj Singh
Mithun Chakraborty Mithun Chakraborty …
Advocate Sikandar Mirza
Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif …
Anushka Banton
Boman Irani Boman Irani …
Dr. P K Banton
Bhupinder Singh Bhupinder Singh …
Daniel Mehta
Aushima Sawhney Aushima Sawhney …
Nandita (as Ausshima Saawhney)
Sulabha Arya Sulabha Arya …
Singh’s Maidservant
Aimee Maghera Aimee Maghera …
Sazia – Danny’s girlfriend
Jaqueline Garewal Jaqueline Garewal …
Music Teacher
Shyam Mashalkar Shyam Mashalkar
Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav …
Om Prakash ‘Mama ji’ (as Aanjjan Shrivastav)
Aparna Kumar Aparna Kumar …
S.J. Anand S.J. Anand

للمشاهده to Watch
====افلام اون لاين ====


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