فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه Deewana Mastana 1997مترجم لـ انيل كابور وغوفيندا وسنجاى دوت

10 Nov

فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه Deewana Mastana 1997مترجم لـ انيل كابور وغوفيندا وسنجاى دوت
الفيلم الرائع Deewana Mastana 1997 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين جوهي شاولا
Deewana Mastana 1997

Raja is a minor league crook who sells railway tickets on the black market at Amirpur station. Tired of his job he looks for new ways to make a quick buck. One day, along with his friend Ghafoor and a police inspector, he robs Rs 2.5 million from the railway treasury. Later, Raja and Ghafoor bump off the inspector and run away with the loot to Bombay. At Bombay airport, Raja sets eyes on Dr Neha and promptly falls in love with the psychiatrist, for that’s what she is. Raja and Ghafoor quickly find out where she lives. Ghafoor pretends to be a psychiatric patient while Raja takes on the name Raj Kumar and befriends her, telling her he has just returned from the US. However, Ghafoor cautions Raja not to hurry and be patient in matters of love. The trouble begins when Bunnu, the son of a wealthy businessman, is sent to Neha for treatment. He is really crazy, and terrified of fire, heights, running and water. Soon, he too falls for Neha and discovers he has a rival in Raja. Suddenly, Neha has to leave for Ooty with her father to attend her uncle’s wedding. She does not leave behind a forwarding address. However, both Raja and Bunnu impersonate policemen and intimidate her secretary into revealing where she’s vamoosed. Dr Neha is thrilled to see them in Ooty, but is drawn closer to the ill Bunnu rather than Raja. Things take an ugly turn when Ghafoor tires to kill Bunnu, who escapes. Bunnu contacts contract killer Pappu Pager to bump off Raja. However, that plan too comes a cropper. Armed with a gold ring and garland, Neha calls Bunnu and Raja to court, ostensibly with the purpose of marriage. Both are surprised to see the other there

Anil Kapoor … Raj Kumar (Raja) / Inspector. Bansi Rao
Govinda … Bunnu / Police Commisioner of Mumbai
Juhi Chawla … Dr. Neha Sharma
Johnny Lever … Gaffoor (as Johny Lever)
Anupam Kher … Birju (Bunnu’s dad)
Reema Lagoo … Bunnu’s mother (as Reema)

Saeed Jaffrey … Chander Nandkishore Kapoor Sharma
Upasna Singh … Neha’s Aunt (as Upasana Singh)
Himani Shivpuri … Raja’s mom
Avtar Gill … Inspector. Mhatre
Shiva Rindani … Man teased Neha in the disco. (as Shiva)
Guddi Maruti … Suzie
Shashi Kiran … Bus Driver
Pratibha Sinha … Tina
Satish Kaushik … Pappu Pager

للمشاهده to Watch
====افلام اون لاين ====


One response to “فيلم الكوميديه والرمانسيه Deewana Mastana 1997مترجم لـ انيل كابور وغوفيندا وسنجاى دوت

  1. Anonymous

    07/16/2010 at 6:27 am

    هذا ليس هو الفلم بل هو فلم اجنبي ارجو الانتباه


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