الفيلم الهندى الرائع Ghajini.2008 مترجم لـ امير خان للمشاهده اون لاين

02 Mar

فيلم الاكشن والاثاره والرومانسيه الهندى Ghajini.2008 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين لـ امير خان
الفيلم الهندى الرائع Ghajini.2008 مترجم لـ امير خان للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم الاكشن والاثاره الهندى Ghajini.2008 مترجم اون لاين
فيلم Ghajini.2008 مترجم


Medical student, Sunita, is driven by curiosity to study the case of Sanjay Singhania, who is afflicted with short-term memory loss. She runs into him, befriends him, and finds out that he is out to kill a seemingly benevolent citizen, Ghajini Dharmatma. After warning the latter of the impending danger, she subsequently comes across a number of diaries written by Sanjay and attempts to put together a jigsaw puzzle as to how a successful and wealthy businessman became a crazed recluse, who re-lives his past through tattoos on his body, notes and Polaroid photographs on the wall of his Hiranandani Complex flat, and his sole obsession of carrying out his deadly mission – little knowing that Ghajini and his goons are out to erase every bit of evidence he has gathered and thus ensure that he ends up remembering nothing
Aamir Khan Aamir Khan …
Sanjay ‘Sanju’ Singhania / Sachin
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Asif Ahmed Asif Ahmed
Tinnu Anand Tinnu Anand …
Satveer Kohli
Asin Asin …
Kalpana Shetty
John Cardiel John Cardiel
Vibha Chhibber Vibha Chhibber …
Havaldar Vijyanti
Mahendra Gole Mahendra Gole
Sunil Grover Sunil Grover …
Sampat / Sanjay Singhania
Simon Hewitt Simon Hewitt
Kiran Deep Jagi Kiran Deep Jagi
Raj Jamdade Raj Jamdade
Firdausi Jussawalla Firdausi Jussawalla
Mugdha Kalra Mugdha Kalra
Jiah Khan Jiah Khan …
Abhishek Khanna Abhishek Khanna

للمشاهده to Watch
====افلام اون لاين ====


One response to “الفيلم الهندى الرائع Ghajini.2008 مترجم لـ امير خان للمشاهده اون لاين

  1. MIRO

    05/13/2011 at 6:08 pm

    فيلم غاجينى تحفة وامير خان ممثل اكثر من رائع اكثر من مميز يخطف القلوب


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