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من اجمل الافلام الهنديه Jeet 1996 مترجم لـسيلمان خان وسونى ديول

من اجمل الافلام الهنديه Jeet 1996 مترجم لـسيلمان خان وسونى ديول
Ramakant Sahay returns from America along with his son, Rajnath alias Raju to settle in India, and to get Raju married to his childhood friend, Prof. Sidhant Sharma’s daughter, Kajal. The wedding ceremony takes place and thereafter Raju and Kajal go abroad for a honeymoon. When they return, Raju is asked by his dad and uncle, Gajraj Choudhary, to take over their family business under the name of Rajnath Shipping Corporation. Shortly thereafter Kajal becomes pregnant, much to Raju’s joy. This joy turns sour when Raju finds out that his dad and his uncle have raised their business empire through sale of illegal activities namely drugs, arms, and illicit liquor. He decides to oppose this tooth and nail and even leaves the business and his dad’s house. When Gajraj attempts to reason with him, Raju shuns him too, leaving Gajraj with no alternative but to have Raju killed. The contract is given to dreaded hit-man Karan – who was once the love of Kajal – and Karan who now has two reasons for killing Raju – and Karan has never failed in any job that has been assigned to him.


Sunny Deol … Karan

Salman Khan … Rajnath ‘Raju’ Sahay

Karisma Kapoor … Kajal S. Sharma (as Karishma Kapoor)

Tabu … Tulsibai (as Tabbu)

Amrish Puri … Gajraj Choudhary
Alok Nath … Prof. Sidhant Sharma
Dalip Tahil … Ramakant ‘Rama’ Sahay
Mohan Joshi … Pitamber
Deepak Shirke … Goverdhan
Johnny Lever … Piajee (as Johny Lever)
Ashish Vidyarthi … Inspector Pratap Vidyarthi
Arun Khedwal … Karan’s Friend
Mitwa … Karan’s Friend
Ibrahim … Karan’s Friend
Rajeev Verma … Karan’s Friend (as Rajiv Verma)


فيلم الرماسيه والاثاره الهندى Jaanemann.2006 مترجم لـسيلمان خان واكشاى كومار وبريتى

فيلم الرماسيه والاثاره الهندى Jaanemann.2006 مترجم لـسيلمان خان واكشاى كومار وبريتى
Good Shepherd College nerd, complete with eye-glasses and braces, Agastya Rao alias Champu, has a crush on Piya Goel, and is thrilled when she invites him to go to a dance, only to be heart-broken when he finds out that she really digs another guy. Years later, Agastya has graduated, re-located to the U.S. where he is an astronaut with NASA, and when he finds out that his college sweetheart is about to divorce her husband, decides to try his hand at wooing her. He gets the unsolicited help of one-time Bollywood wonder Suhaan Kapoor, who accompanies Agastya to New York, assists him in successfully wooing and proposing to Piya. On the night of their engagement, Agastya will find out that Suhaan only wanted to help him because of Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act – so that could relieve him of the financial burden of paying alimony to Piya, who was the girl he had secretly married much against the wishes of the entire Goel clan. Watch what happens when Suhaan finds out that he has a daughter named Suhaani – and that he still has strong feelings about Piya.


Salman Khan … Suhaan Kapoor

Akshay Kumar … Agastya Rao

Preity Zinta … Piya
Anupam Kher … Bonney Kapoor

Tom DiNardo … Diaper Commercial Director

Ann Marie Seall … Diaper Commercial Casting Assistant
Soni Razdan … Mrs. Goel
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rajat Bedi … Vishal Goel
Matt Brandstein … Hip-Hop Dance Enthusiast
Edward Lovebane … Waiter
Joel Ney … Hip-Hop Dance Enthusiast
Ragini Parmar … Dancer

Sanjay Sharma … Pandey
Javed Sheikh … Samrat Goyal
J.T. White Sr. … Old man at apartment

Shoshanna Withers … Diaper Commercial Auditioner

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فيلم الكوميديه Lage Raho Munna Bhai 2006 مترجم لـ سنجاى دوت

A hilarious underworld gangster known as Munna Bhai falls comically in love with a radio host by the name of Jahnvi, who runs an elders’ home, which is taken over by an unscrupulous builder, who gets the residents kicked out ironically with the help of Munna’s sidekick, Circuit, while Munna is busy romancing Jahnvi elsewhere. Munna, who is now masquerading as a Professor specializing in the life of Mahatma Gandhi, must now battle his very own forces and the builder – but he has one ally on his side – none other than the great man – Mahatma Gandhi himself. Only trouble is that Munna may have problems convincing everyone about this presence – as he is apparently is the only one who can see and hear him


Sanjay Dutt … Murliprasad ‘Munna Bhai’ Sharma
Arshad Warsi … Sarkeshwar ‘Circuit’
Vidya Balan … Jhanvi
Boman Irani … Lakhbir ‘Lucky’ Singh
Dilip Prabhavalkar … Mahatma Gandhi

Diya Mirza … Simran L. Singh
Jimmy Shergill … Victor D’Souza
Kulbhushan Kharbanda … Kkhurana

Saurabh Shukla … Batuk Maharaj

Abhishek Bachchan … Sunny Kkhurana
Rohitash Gaud … Cuckoo, Lucky Singh’s secretary
Parikshat Sahni … D’Souza
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dr. Hemu Adhikari … Old Pensioner
Arun Bali
Atmaram Bhende … Atmaram, the old father

Kurush Deboo … Dhansukh Bhai Patel, Gujarati Lawyer
Bomie E. Dotiwala

Ashwin Mushran … Hari Desai
Achyut Potdar … 2nd Innings’ resident
Anjan Srivastav … 2nd Innings’ resident

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الفيلم الرائع Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman1992مترجم لـ شاروخان

الفيلم الرائع Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman1992مترجم لـ شاروخان
Raj Mathur alias Raju lives in picturesque Darjeeling, is a devout Hindu, likes praying to Bhagwan Shri Shiv, studies Engineering, and wants to become rich – at warp speed. He does well in his studies, re-locates to Bombay, where he hopes to live temporarily with one Ram Mohan. Unfortunately, Raju is unable to locate Ram, but the friendly slum dwellers take care of him, feed him, and house him. He meets and falls in love with Renu, and it is she who gets him a job at Chhabria Builders where she works as a Receptionist. Thereafter there is no stopping Raju, as he climbs the ladder of success, and soon not only becomes the Chief Engineer but also finds a place in the heart of the Senior Partner’s daughter, Sapna Chhabria. Sapna starts to make plans about Raju’s bright future, which comes at a heavy price, as he does makes compromises, some of them serious enough to bring down a bridge that was being built under his supervision, resulting in the death of 4 persons. Watch what happens when Lalkishan Chhabria, his partner Malhotra and Raju try to cover-up this negligence as an act of terrorism


Shahrukh Khan … Raj Mathur ‘Raju’ (as Shah Rukh Khan)
Amrita Singh … Sapna L. Chhabria
Juhi Chawla … Renu
Navin Nischol … Lalkishan Chhabria
Ajit Vachani … Malhotra
Anjan Srivastav … Saxena (as Anjan Srivastava)
Amrit Patel … Gullu Dada (as Amrut Patel)
Sameer Chitre … Deepak Malhotra
Lalit Tiwari … Rafique
Vivek Vaswani … Lovechand Kukreja (as Viveck Vaswani)
Nana Patekar … Jai
Rajendra Mehra
Irshad Hashmi (as Irshad Hashimi)
Neeraj Vora … Abdul
Amla Rai

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الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع Deewana 1992 مترجم لـ شاروخان

الفيلم الهندى الاكثر من رائع Deewana 1992 مترجم لـ شاروخان
Kajal is a beautiful and talented young woman who loves songs and dances and attends various shows. At one of the shows she attended she gets to meet Ravi, a popular singer and both are head over heel in love with each other and they soon got married. Kajal relocates to Ravi’s parental mansion and is all welcome as a bride there. But soon her marriage life goes over the board when Ravi’s scheming cousin and uncle has him killed. Unable to bear the shock Kajal relocates to a different city and gets to meet the wealthy and care-free Raja Sahai, who proposes marriage to her but she refuses and wants to live as Ravi’s widow but destiny has other plans for her.


Rishi Kapoor … Ravi
Divya Bharati … Kaajal

Shahrukh Khan … Raja Sahai
Alok Nath … Mr. Sharma
Deven Verma … Devdas Sabrangi (as Deven Varma)
Dalip Tahil … Ramakant Sahai
Sushma Seth … Laxmi Devi
Asha Sachdev … Chandramukhi Sabrangi
Brahmachari … Chintamani

Amrish Puri … Dhirendra Pratap
Mahendra (as Mahinder)


الفيلم الهندى الرائع RUN.2004 مترجم لـ ابهيشيك باتشان للمشاهده اون لاين

الفيلم الهندى الرائع RUN.2004 مترجم لـ ابهيشيك باتشان للمشاهده اون لاين
Jhanvi Choudhry comes from a wealthy family, who do have some underground connections, and an uncle who is a member of parliament. The family is very conservative, and wants Jhanvi to marry a person of their choice. Jhanvi agrees to this, but changes her mind after she meets with Siddharth, alias Sidhu, who she falls in love with. When Jhanvi informs her family about her love for Sidhu, she is met with violent opposition, and the life of Sidhu is endangered, for her family will not her tarnish their conservative reputation


Abhishek Bachchan … Siddharth
Bhoomika Chawla … Jhanvi Choudhry
Mahesh Manjrekar … Ganpat Choudhry
Vijay Raaz … Siddharth’s friend
Mukesh Rishi … Rajeev
Anjan Srivastav
Goga Kapoor … Member of Parliament
Mukul Agarwal
Shweta Menon
Neelu Kohli
Anushka Shetty (as Anushka)

Vinod Talwar

فيلم الأكشن والموسيقى الهندى Jashnn 2009 مترجم

فيلم الأكشن والموسيقى الهندى Jashnn 2009 مترجم


Shahana Goswami … Nisha
Humayun Saeed … Aman Bajaj
Anjana Sukhani … Sara
Adhyayan Suman … Akash Verma

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