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الفيلم الهندى الرائع Deewana لـ شاروخان وريشى كابور وديفيا بهارتى للمشاهده اون لاين

شاروخان وريشى كابور وديفيا بهارتى فى الفيلم الهندى الرائع والنادر ديوانا للمشاهده اون لاين والتحميل
الفيلم الهندى الرائع Deewana لـ شاروخان وريشى كابور وديفيا بهارتى للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم الاكشن والرومانسيه الهندى الرائع مترجم لـ شاروخان وريشى كابور وديفيا بهارتى
فيلم Deewana مترجم


Kajal is a beautiful and talented young woman who loves songs and dances and attends various shows. At one of the shows she attended she gets to meet Ravi, a popular singer and both are head over heel in love with each other and they soon got married. Kajal relocates to Ravi’s parental mansion and is all welcome as a bride there. But soon her marriage life goes over the board when Ravi’s scheming cousin and uncle has him killed. Unable to bear the shock Kajal relocates to a different city and gets to meet the wealthy and care-free Raja Sahai, who proposes marriage to her but she refuses and wants to live as Ravi’s widow but destiny has other plans for her.

Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor …
Divya Bharti Divya Bharti …
Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan …
Raja Sahai
Alok Nath Alok Nath …
Mr. Sharma
Deven Verma Deven Verma …
Devdas Sabrangi (as Deven Varma)
Dalip Tahil Dalip Tahil …
Ramakant Sahai
Sushma Seth Sushma Seth …
Laxmi Devi
Asha Sachdev Asha Sachdev …
Chandramukhi Sabrangi
Brahmachari Brahmachari …
Amrish Puri Amrish Puri …
Dhirendra Pratap
Saleem Saleem
Tilak Tilak
Vinod Vinod
Mahendra Mahendra
Isha Isha

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فيلم Bobby 1973 مترجم لـ ريشي كابور

فيلم الرمنسيه الهندى النادر Bobby 1973 مترجم للمشاهده اون لاين
فيلم Bobby 1973 مترجم لـ ريشي كابور
شاهد فيلم ريشي كابورBobby 1973 مترجم مجانا

Mr. Nath lives a very wealthy lifestyle in India along with his wife, Sushma, and a 6 year old son, Raj. Both he and Sushma lead a very busy life, so much so that they have no quality time to spend with Raj, leaving his care, even breast-feeding, to their maidservant, Mrs. Braganza, who Raj regards as his mother. When Mr. Nath finds Raj to be precocious, he has him enrolled in a distant boarding school. When Raj returns after 12 years, he does not find any change, save that Mrs. Braganza does not work there anymore as she has been fired by Sushma. At his 18th birthday party, he meets with flirtatious Nima, and this is when he sets his eyes on Bobby, Mrs. Braganza’s 16 year old granddaughter, and falls head over heels in love with her. To his delight he finds that she also loves him, much to the chagrin of his parents, who agree to meet with Bobby’s dad, Jack, and Mrs. Braganza, but humiliate them..
min 168 – Romance | Musical

Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor …
Dimple Kapadia Dimple Kapadia …
Bobby J. Braganza
Pran Pran …
Mr. Nath
Prem Nath Prem Nath …
Jack Braganza
Sonia Sahni Sonia Sahni …
Mrs. Sushma Nath
Durga Khote Durga Khote …
Mrs. Braganza
Aruna Irani Aruna Irani …
Prem Chopra Prem Chopra …
Prem Chopra
Farida Jalal Farida Jalal …
Alka ‘Nikki’ Sharma
Piloo J. Wadia Piloo J. Wadia …
Mrs. Pestonji (as Mrs. Piloo Wadia)
Pinchoo Kapoor Pinchoo Kapoor …
Mr. Sharma
Jagdish Raj Jagdish Raj …
Police Inspector
Shashi Kiran Shashi Kiran …
Shyam (Raj’s college-mate)
Raj Rani Raj Rani …
Mrs. Sharma
Aarti Aarti

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